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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The creativity of one

For those who read the blog regularly, you know that I love music. Did you ever think of where the song you like came from? Do you have songs that you have been listening to for years? I’m guessing that whether the songs are ones you like or ones I like, most of them did not exist 50 years ago. Some may not have existed one year ago. Someone had to write the song. Someone had to start with...

Think “out of the box”???

We are fascinated with boxes. I’m guessing because since we were young our contact with them was through presents. There was excitement in receiving a box. The newness of something was noticed and appreciated. As we age, you start to hear more people talk about thinking “out of the box”. Isn’t it odd that in the innocense of our childhood, a box represented great joy...

Three parts needed – not one!

While driving in a downpour yesterday (and stuck in traffic) I began thinking about how wheels or tires move cars. Why do cars, trucks, bikes, 2 wheel hand trucks all “move”? Why of course, it is because they have wheels. Is this a trick question? Well, kind of…….. You see wheels only “move” when they make contact with the ground. Wheels by themselves go round...


Our understanding of “stuff” is never complete. Things change. Circumstances change. People change. I have found that as I have gotten older that while the feeling of “understanding something” implies that we have knowledge, it is only when we see that everything around us is situational that we can begin to translate our understanding and knowledge into better choices and...

Cutting the grass

I just finished cutting the grass. What occurred to me was how it is a great example of how our lives should work. We are not going to look at nature’s role but rather our behavior towards what nature does which is most times to keep growing. If you are like me, you probably cut the grass once a week. Most times, my wife enjoys cutting it. We both like a fresh cut lawn. In the spring, we...

The power of perspective

Perspective is rarely discussed in conversation. There are very few words offered to find out  if we have any, some, or enough when discussions occur about topics. What is it and why is it so neglected in today’s life? For me, perspective means that I have heard and understood conflicting ideas or possibilities with respect to an issue or topic. Some say that holding opposing ideas in your...

Words versus Actions

Stop and think. What is the difference between our words and our actions? What is the difference between “their” words and “their” actions? If I bet a dollar, I would say that we ask and answer the question about “their” actions and words a hundred times more than we do for “our” words and actions. What just came to me was that there is a huge...


The value of an antique many times lies in both its perfection as well as its imperfection. The style of a painting identifies the artist both in terms of what is included and what may be missing. Sometimes we view imperfection as having value. Other times we describe imperfection as being a weakness. In many of my posts, I have talked about imperfection in different ways as it relates to a...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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