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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Opposing views

When you get older, you begin to realize just how fragile ideas and organizations are. Nothing makes this clearer to me than a discussion involving opposing views. Passionate. Forceful. Inviting. Believable. Sometimes divisive. No matter which view you are pulled towards, the intensity of each of their logic is real. Do they matter? Are they important? Most certainly. Their presence challenges us...


Trust is much like the air we breathe. Invisible to the eye. Vital for us to live. Without air, there would be no dreams, no accomplishments, no solutions, no family. We simply would not exist for we would be dead. Trust mirrors the value of air almost identically. Without trust, there would be no accomplishments, few solutions, no family, no love, and no connection. While not causing physical...

The silence of follow through

At the party we boast how we will do this or that. In the meeting with 5 others we were confident that it would get done. On the phone, amidst the many stories, we shared that we wanted to do this or that. The voice of “wanting to do” is loud. It’s exciting. Just saying it makes us feel so good. Others agreed with us that “it” was good to do. No conflict. Smooth...


We have them all of the time. Every day. Each one of us with others. Anecdotes of things that happened to us. Frustration of things that are not going well. Uncertainty of what decision to make. The sharing of an idea. Laughter at the end of a story. It becomes more obvious to me as I age, that our lives really center around us. Our lives don’t go a certain way because others have decided...

What understanding powerfully changes

Understanding makes us too certain fooling us into thinking that our understanding is complete. Not knowing that to truly understand means to discover the rough edges, around what we think, believe and see. Filling them in with new bits of knowledge, over and over, that continues to expand the picture that we see. Powerfully changing over time the picture itself in our presence and what we...

To forget

Forgetting is something we are all familiar with. What is fascinating about forgetting is how it can be viewed in so many different ways. The multiple ways in how it changes, becomes important to understanding better the texture of life that is full in its rich detail. “To love until insanity” a good friend shared with me during a discussion of what it means to love unconditionally...


Italian. Greek. Thai. French. Favorite cooked recipe at home. Fancy restaurant. Convenient restaurant. Fast Food. Healthy. Not healthy. Leftovers. Foods we like and foods we don’t. Snacks. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Low fat. No fat. When to cook. What to cook. Grocery shopping. Food allergies. Clipping coupons. Who has the best meat to buy? When to serve. When to eat. How much time do we...

A change in time

Today’s world of social media always talks about producing great content. There are  a multitude of content management systems like WordPress that let you do this in writing and pictures within the internet world. A content management system is like a white board with nothing on it. You have to keep filling it with “stuff” and it would help (if every now and then) the stuff was...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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