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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The word and letter “I”

I. One letter as well as one word. It sits lonely apart on this line. The word “I” is hard to spell wrong and we never use it in a wrong way in a sentence. Or do we? I am at the center of all that I experience. The spotlight shines on no one else when we use this word. Those that use it often, do it to make sure the spotlights are on. It takes on the role of publicity agent directing...

Circular conversations

Circular conversations are those where people can engage with each other for minutes or hours at a time and get “no where”. Many people get trapped by circular conversations. We have all been part of these conversations. Some as observers and others as participants. The implication of being circular is that statements wrap themselves around into themselves. ¬†At the end of your...


Ready to go? Where should I start? People are calling! Things must get done!   Every minute we are awake, Motion is always the thing that occurs.   Do we ever stop to think why, Where we are headed, Is always such a blur?   Constant motion makes us tired. It happens to us every day. Misleading us, in thinking, that we are on our way.   Motion makes our efforts random Our...

Digital Distraction

Our attention is demanded by hundreds of different things throughout the day. A screen, be it on a phone, tablet or computer becomes a magnet that attracts us into distraction. Dealing with distraction has become admirable in today’s world. As we master and overcome distraction, we view ourselves as more capable in managing our lives. The irony of our digital distraction is that many claim...


When I was younger I enjoyed complexity. Figuring out stuff. Seeing how things operate. Organizationally, it was exciting to work for a large company with many departments and many locations. It was a challenge to solve the puzzle of understanding the complexity of anything. As I have grown older, I now view most complexity as confusion. Misplaced perspectives acting on systems that have little...

Our walls of madness

“March madness” is the phrase we hear during these weeks of college basketball’s NCAA tournament. Brackets, upsets, and friends all gathered around a TV. The madness that creates a wall around us is very, very different. There are no friends when we are mad. We hear no logic when we are mad. We are very excited in a very negative way. Stuffed with strong emotions and short...

Interesting quote

I came across this quote while reading an article on implementing lean problem solving tools in a manufacturing environment. I hope you will take some time to think about it and enjoy it as much as I did. “We love exploring new stuff and changing our understanding — it’s changing behavior that we find painful.” Michael Balle I found this interesting because I thought for a...

Working with our hands

A person with skills to fix a machine is like Sherlock Holmes looking for clues as to what is wrong. The person with handyman skills for jobs around a house is more like a sculptor creating a solution for the problem they face with the clay they are given. I have always been envious of people possessing these types of skills. They have great patience in getting something to work again. Their...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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