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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Our shadow

While on a bright beach, in our back yard, or when we face the bright glow of the sun, our shadow always appears. Sometimes we see it. Most times we don’t depending on the sun’s angle. Shade, which essentially is the same as a shadow (in the sense that sunlight is not directly present when inside a shadow or in shade) is very different. We see shade. We seek out shade. But we never...

The difficulty of honesty

Words evaporate quickly when honesty first appears. Sneaking up on us as we look in the mirror while wondering who we see. Uninvited explanations of the person that could not be me. Cold, foreign, and insulting is the only way to describe it when we begin to realize that their honesty was being directed at me. Our confusion leads us to doubt. Their certainty leads to our frustration. Becoming...

The collision of conversation

I just returned from a trade show. The keynote speaker was a police officer who wanted to educate the group on public safety and what to do in a crisis. Before getting into specifics he wanted to share the mindset of a policeman on the “street” and how he thinks in a given situation. What had value for me was highlighting the extreme difference in thought of the two participants at...

Our goals

Every written thing about goals has to do with achieving them. Stating them brings us clarity. The theory is that there is certainty of achievement by stating them and then focusing on them. Literature also states that a plan never survives intact when it is implemented. This thinking is common in business literature. The competition, the environment, the people, or the resources always get in...

What do I have control of?

I ask this question much more often as I have gotten older. In part, because I now see that there are many things in life we can’t control. We must understand that in all situations, we can only control ourselves. How we respond. What we insist on. What we focus on. Who we spend time with. What we try to accomplish. Being productive is much more an exercise in choice (and some adjustment at...

Thank you

For asking how I am and enjoying being with me.   For sharing God’s love when life became confusing For telling me to let go to uncover what was hidden For laughing at me thinking how crazy at times I can be.   For telling me why I am wrong when blinded For waiting to hear what I learned from my mistakes For not judging me when things didn’t appear the way they should be...

Presenting Ourselves to Others

You have all of the confidence in the world that you know what to do. And that it “will go well”. Your thinking is sound & accurate. You have the knowledge, experience and background to be “the expert”. Your perception of the problem, issue or situation seems reasonable. Your are off to a good start. But what if we don’t present ourselves well to others when...

The truth is……….

Throughout our lives, we use the phrase ” the truth is” as if truth were simply a fact to be seen.   The truth is – that truth most times is deceiving when we rely only on what we believe.   Someone else may interpret it differently making the truth more uncertain than we ever thought it could be.   The truth is – that your truth simply is only your...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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