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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Do we know?

Everything that is possible given our situation?
How much the person next to us hurts?
How much we can accomplish if we just try?
How little we really know?

The power of choice

I love to read. I always have. I get excited by learning something new. It’s just me. It made me feel that I was changing and growing. What I came to realize was that reading was not very powerful in changing my life. My life was still the same. Only different choices began to change my life. Both personally and professionally. Who I cared about. What I cared about. What I focused on. Who I...

Narrow our focus

As an avid photographer growing up with a darkroom (before digital photography) I spent a lot of time on focus. Not in terms of my life but rather in terms of the photographs and memories I was trying to develop and “keep”.  In the darkroom I would work at cropping a picture so that there was less clutter and more of the subject I really was interested in seeing. It’s...

1 hour

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, talks about how you need 10,000 hours of practice to become really good at something. Think about it. To be good at something we have to spend 27.397 hours per day to “get there” in a year. No time off for holidays. Over three years, it would take 9.13 hours per day including holidays. Early on, I read all the time about how to improve this or...

Easy life?

If you think life will be easy, you will find it to be very hard.
If you think life will be hard, you will find it to be very easy.

Right choice?

Tests and quizzes are a big part of school. Pick the right answer. Get a good grade. There always was only one right answer.  Year after year it was always the same. We get out of school and what do we do? We continue to look for the right answer. Of course, it’s habit. I’ve done it a million times. What I couldn’t figure out for a long time after leaving school was why did my...

Bad Behavior

We hear this term used when describing toddlers. When they wouldn’t share their toys with cousins. When they pushed a playmate because they took their toy. Rarely do you hear this term used when describing an adult. Do we feel that we can work at changing someone’s behavior for the better only at an early age? What do I mean by bad behavior? When our actions don’t match our...


Relationships, personal and organizational, are the currency of life. They are both comforting and confusing at times. They are fueled by conversation. In conversation sometimes we hide who we are, other times we share who we are. But we rarely ask how well did we listen? How well did we understand what was said? Did you ever stop to think that everyone’s experiences are so different…...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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