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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Where HAVE you been?

We rarely ask this question of others either when we first meet them or over time as we get to know them. It is an important question, that at the very least we should ponder, when seeking help or advice from someone. It is the key question that we should ask ourselves. You see our knowledge and “their” knowledge is all based on where you have been. Some call it “street...

I don’t understand

Three simple words that we do not use very well as adults. I hear parents use the phrase “I don’t understand” more out of frustration for whatever their children are putting them through. When used in this context, it is more rhetorical. Parents know they won’t learn much more (that they agree with) so out of frustration out comes these words. At the other extreme, the...


Every day we hear about national security or computer security.  Airport security has become a traditional way of life. We have alarms on our houses so that our home can be secure. Job security has been in the forefront as many struggle with joblessness. The security of our schools has become a new important concern for parents. Security is a big deal to us in our lives. We talk openly about...


Most of us wear watches. Our youth have their phones to tell time. We have deadlines, appointments, timelines, and birthdays. Whether it’s a cake in the oven or meat on the grill we are always conscious of time. Is it only a dream to think that we can experience timelessness? There have been times in my life where a conversation, book or working on a project felt like time had passed...

Relationships are not simple

Relationships define our lives. Relationships bring meaning to our lives. Relationships bring a level of satisfaction to our lives that no video game or movie can reproduce when they go well. Relationships always involve more than ourselves. Some relationships come with definitions, expectations, and boundaries. You are part of these types of relationships when you are at work or volunteering in...

Basic Math

Most people I talk to “hate” math. It is one of the first subjects we are exposed to in our primary grades (1-3). First addition, then subtraction, multiplication and then division. Very basic stuff. I find it fascinating how we forget their value in our lives. We should constantly revisit all four of these mathematical operations regularly. What do I mean by that? 1) We should learn...


Why is it so hard for us to forgive? In real life, all of us have been either a part of or heard others say they were really mad at someone for something they said or did. A month later you hear the same story with the same emotion again. The act of forgiveness or forgiving is something we hear a great deal about in Church but never on You Tube or Twitter. It’s not a popular concept in...

Presence or Presents?

Recently, someone told my wife and I they could not join us because they had committed to be with their grandchildren. My response to them was that “our presence in a child’s life is much, much more important than our presents”. That we fully understood and that they were doing the right thing. While I was proud to write this sentence it occurred to me later how close these two...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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