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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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A New Shine Always Wears Off. Then What?

We seek the experience of “new”. It’s full of excitement, energy, and wonder. When “new” appears unexpectedly, it can be full of fear and possible rejection. In either case, there is a shine to newness regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Our emotions are active where there is shine. As with a new car. Where no raindrop or finger print has yet to...

What Morning Will We Wake Up To?

After the darkness of the night, predictably the sun rises in the east. At certain times of the year earlier than others, but always present when starting our day. Walking hand in hand with the hours on our clocks. Reliably giving us the light of a new day. Each and every day. Amidst all of this consistency that time and sun gives us, our mornings are just the opposite. Different many times...

Our Need for Exploration

Exploration is not a topic of everyday conversation. In our minds, exploration is left only to scientists, philosophers, and astronauts. It is interesting to contrast this with our lives that contain to do lists, habits, routines, and responsibilities. All providing comfort & certainty in our day. Often we hear of the need for us to continue learning. To evolve and grow. Reflect and improve...

The Concept of Creating A Different Future Regardless of Your Age

Who we are and who we become seem predestined. Never giving much thought to where we end up for life seems to “just happen”. Years go by. Struggles appear and then pass. Our jobs continue. Falling mindlessly into our routines as if they were meant as the only way for us to live. But what if things don’t seem to fit as well anymore? Either through sudden change or death by...

Words That Make Our Phones Useless

Everywhere you turn people are looking at their phones. Walking, in restaurants, cars, bars, and living rooms. In airports, on planes, and parties. Playing games, watching videos, and used to keep children occupied from a very young age. Making the phone the center of our lives regardless of age. Let’s take a few minutes to reflect on the following words. Placed randomly on this page...

Taking Things For Granted Can Be Dangerous

Our lives are busy. with calendars full. Responsibilities are many making free time scarce. We embrace our routines and habits much more out of convenience rather than intention. The danger of convenience filled with automatic routines is where we begin to overlook the value of things that are important to us. Taking things for granted is the result of our busyness. It’s a fertile place for...

Inserting the Word Relationship Into Our Day

One of my constant challenges is to organize myself. To create a system where everything I need to get done, is in one place for me to see. All of the needed attachments or information is within a click’s distance of my eye. In trying to re-configure my steps (for the 100th time), I decided to write down every item that I need to complete on index cards. Only one item on each card. From...

The Silence of Emotional Pain

Headaches, a bad back, or a cramp in a muscle are hard to hide. A hot shower, maybe aspirin, or a few days rest most likely will make things better. Physical pain is hard for any of us to hide. In most cases, pain of this type is of a short duration. Emotional pain is much different. The hurt in our heart lasts so much longer. And goes far beyond the tears in our eyes. For tears are short lived...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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