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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Life Is Not Single Sided

I am amazed at the number of people who behave as if life is single sided. Where their point of view is the only one that counts or must prevail. Believing that their plan is the only one that will work. Life is not single sided. It never is. Steven Covey tells us that we need to understand first before being understood. It’s so difficult to do. Part of understanding is to discover...

To Be Human

To be human was never meant to be guided by our smartphone. The content of our lives, mistakenly inverted, making our schedules & our projects the most important things today. It’s always in the crevices of our life where we find laughter, joy, tears, struggle, disappointment, worries, and fears amidst our pain. To be human requires connection. A warm hug or gentle smile. Patience...

Not Everything Fits

My wife and I spent a wonderful weekend with friends. Enjoyed a lot of face to face time with vibrant conversation in many different areas. Verbalizing aspects of our life giving us the opportunity to explore, with reflection, more deeply each others’ worldview in an atmosphere of great trust. Our points of view varied from time to time. What excited us was different for each. Our...

Making Sense Of It All

Can we find the time to make sense of it all? From rushing through the years, to ending in places we never dreamed of? Surviving situations that were difficult while regretting opportunities missed? Stopping long enough to fill our hearts with gratitude for everything we have endured. For blessings come in many forms, yet sometimes missed along the way. . Reflection gives us a chance to discover...

The Value of Context & Nuance

The internet defines context as ” the part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage and determines its meaning”. Nuance is defined as “a slight degree of difference, as in meaning, tone, or gradation”. Understanding the context and nuances in situations that require you to assess and act, is a critical skill needed to make effective choices or...

Narrow Your Focus – The Magic Dust of Many Things

Entropy is a scientific concept that you learn when studying thermodynamics. At its core, it describes the phenomenon within a closed system of things moving from a state of order to a state of disorder. As a system moves in the direction of disorder, it has less capacity to do work. Popular discussions abound describing our distracted and over programmed lives. Our smartphones exponentially grow...

An Example Where Structure Influences The Results

All of us drive. We do it everyday. More often than we brush our teeth. It is almost second nature for us to get in our cars and go somewhere. We don’t give much thought to how to operate the car. While we sometimes complain about bad or impatient drivers, for the most part, our car travels are peaceful and productive. Excluding traffic slowdowns due to high traffic volume, driving our car...

By What Criteria?

One of the difficulties of life, is understanding that there is no right answer to most things. It’s difficult when growing up in schools that always wanted to know if you knew the right answer. What isn’t taught in schools is to ask the question “By What Criteria”. Why is this important? Depending on what you are focused on,either your perception or decisions may change...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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