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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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A Question Asked Twice

In an interesting conversation today, someone shared their story of a conversation where they were asked the same question twice. They answered the question in similar fashion both times thinking that they were clear in their response. Afterwards, they were a bit confused as to why someone would ask them the same question twice. Didn’t they hear their response? What could they not have...

What Breaks Through?

Our lives include responsibilities, wants, dreams, problems, situations and challenges. The treadmill of our life pushes us faster and faster. Where sometimes we are able to persist and endure. At other times, we seek rest and refuge while we re-group. We look to our calendar, schedules, roles, apps, and phones to help us navigate it all. But things rarely improve with these things alone. What...

Feeling Overwhelmed

There are times when there is a lot happening in our lives. Both things that are unexpected as well as intentional projects that take on lives of their own. Our focus becomes challenged during weeks like this. Numerous items to do. Where it feels like you are standing in an intersection waiting to get run over. Time is too fast when feeling overwhelmed. The clock must be wrong, for too much time...

Accepting Responsibility

Responsibility presents conflicts that never appear when it is not present. Doing what is right versus what would be popular. Navigating a situation from the middle while un-informed or selfish criticisms continue to be vocal from outside. Creating progress versus the disappointments necessary for change. Wanting to always be right versus living with outcomes that are sometimes less than perfect...

The Difficulty of Silence

Too many times I have seen the difficulty of silence. When an employee abruptly leaves and shares no reason as to why. With friends who seem distant leaving others to guess why. Where situations become challenging while leadership seemingly hides. Yet silence is so highly valued in meditation, reflection and prayer. At the end of our day once our computer and phone are turned off. Or during a...

Find The Next Questions

All of our lives we are exposed to new things. Both objects and ideas. Situations and obstacles. Failures, disappointments and successes. What we learn from all of our days is highly variable. Most times it’s simply enough to say “I get that” and move on. But what I found over time, was that when I thought I knew something I found out I didn’t. Proven to me many times with...

We All Learn Differently

A team member shared with me that they watched the training videos that were provided teaching him how to use a new data analytics platform that our company just subscribed to. I would consider this person very smart as well as a deep thinker. The project he is working on requires him to use the online data analytics platform to learn how our brand is selling in the marketplace. Then taking these...

Where Did I Put It?

This past week, I was in an office where someone asked me for a name off of a piece of paper we received. With a big smile, I remember scanning the paperwork and took my phone out to find it. Only to be embarrassed that I could not find it between Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. Where did I put it? What is the correct file name? I thought I was smart when I scanned it. This led me to deeply...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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