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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Unveiling the Layers of Importance: Beyond Status to Genuine Significance

The internet defines important as: Strongly affecting the course of events or the nature of things; significant. Having high social rank or influence; prominent. Having or suggesting a consciousness of high position or authority; authoritative. What’s interesting about the three possible definitions listed above, is that numbers 2 & 3 are within the world of status. Implying a...

“Hands On” For The Best View and Ride

Driving a car demands us to pay attention to many things at the same time. How fast are we going? What street or road are we on? Will it take us to our desired final destination? When do we need to turn? Will the light stay green? Do we have enough gas to get there? Am I staying in my lane? Is it ok to change lanes? Where are the cars around me? Will the person cross the street before I get there...

Discovering Process: An Interesting Lever in Life

It is rare to find something that can serve two purposes while accomplishing a third. The act of discovering process is one of them. The Cambridge Dictionary defines process as: “a series of actions that produce a desired result”. Discovering process can help us understand something as well as organize something. The third result is less evident but confirms the leverage that...

Classic Rewind: What Little We Need

[First Published Sept. 2013] . Stop and think about our lives. How overwhelmed are we at times? Confused? How much we have to learn & do. And then think about this: There are only 7 basic musical notes (A-G) and 12 keys on a piano that make up their entire range. Only 26 letters in our alphabet. There are only 3 primary colors (red, blue, and yellow) plus white and black which...

Clarity – A Rare Gem We Must Strive To Continually Find

Clarity – Can You Find It? So often we go about our days being so certain. It’s easier this way. Never doubting ourselves. Moving from task to task. Sometimes overwhelmed. Other times, exhausted. Regularly, all of us are faced with making decisions that are not either easy or “clear cut”. We sometimes default to asking a friend and then taking their point of view to make a...

Grinding: The Motor Behind Endurance & Persistence

Our modern life is measured in seconds. Take a selfie or text a message waiting for a quick reply, slowing down only to binge-watch your favorite series. Sometimes reading about someone’s accomplishments in a minute or two on social media. Making it very difficult for us to come to terms with just how tedious and long a journey it is to accomplish a few significant things in our lives. To...

Partial Knowledge: We Carry It With Us More Than We Think

We rarely think about how much we know. Often, we just keep going through life “knowing”. Rarely doubting ourselves. Going through our regular days as we always do. Interrupted by urgent matters, responsibilities, and unexpected demands on our time. What becomes more evident as we age, is that our knowledge of any topic or area of skill/experience is limited by our exposure to the...

What’s Important Today? This Week? This Month? This Year?

Daily life is full of routines we never are aware we do. Full of habits, time wasted, and chores that seem endless. Interruptions, unexpected events, and frustrations make our days different and unique. Rarely do our accomplishments match the intensity of emotion that “bumps in the road” create. Our auto-pilot lives do provide us with ways to fill our days. Leaving us little time to...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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