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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Happy New Year 2024!

Wishing everyone a New Year filled with your dreams fulfilled,

where your struggles lessen,

and your energy remains strong

powered by good health

and deep optimism toward an improved future!


See you on Thursday!

As We Await The New Year

The arrival of the New Year often stirs within us a yearning for fresh beginnings and a chance to redefine our lives. Whether it’s the desire to pursue a new job, hobby, skill, friend, or diet, relocation to an unfamiliar city, or simply the need to forgive and move forward, the concept of starting anew holds a special allure. To embrace the New Year, we must highlight the importance of...

Our Confusion Around The Christmas Holiday

In a family of modest means, a Child entered this world with simplicity and quietude. Today, He remains known across generations throughout the world. Without computers, cameras, or social media. Christmas stands out as a holiday that unites people on a global scale. Our first encounter with Christmas often comes during the innocence of childhood. It’s not so much about who was born on this...

Needing Help For Our Sight & Hearing

Hearing and seeing clearly and objectively are two of the most challenging tasks we face throughout our lives. Our inclination to interpret things incorrectly and jump to conclusions are two of our greatest challenges to correct internally. Posing some of our biggest challenges by misleading us to make wrong decisions that lead to poor results. Making needing new glasses and hearing aids, when...

Unlocking Your Future: Embracing Reasonable Risks for Personal Growth

In life, it’s crucial to welcome reasonable risks to propel yourself toward uncharted territories, rather than remaining trapped in the confines of a predictable routine. The rewards of venturing into the unknown far surpass the temporary fear and hesitation that may initially hold you back. There are many things we are familiar with and use often that do not present themselves as...

Unlocking the Power of Knowledge: From Building Skills to Avoiding Pitfalls

It feels good when we know something. How to fix drywall or change a tire. When we understand how to play chess or can excel at winning a video game. All of us go to school for many years to gain knowledge. After that, we use the Internet as well as other ways to learn new things in depth or learn directly on the job. What we find is that as we learn more, we can do more which then makes some...

Trade Offs: A Hidden Aspect of Decisions

The Eisenhower Matrix is a very popular decision making tool that helps us classify tasks between importance and urgency. Forcing us to make explicit the trade off between doing something that seems urgent versus things that are important. What should we do first? It does provide us with some direction once we classify each task we are facing. Admittedly, we don’t spend our days writing down...

Is it better to………..

Ignore and continue, being comfortable in habit,

not caring or concerned about what tomorrow will bring.


Be present, confused, and uncertain,

being uncomfortable in struggle yet persistent in effort,

working towards a tomorrow we would like to see

but unsure if we will get there.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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