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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Our Uneven Performances

To simplify our lives, we tend to characterize or judge many things by “yes or no”, “this or that”, or “either or” as examples. Generalizations spoken with confidence during each day of our lives. Using one of only two extremely opposite possibilities to characterize a lot of what we see and experience each day. When looking at our own day, all of us say that...

Facing Fear

A health crisis is one of the strongest situations that demands we face fear. It grabs our attention unexpectedly. It’s strength wraps us, in a way, that we feel trapped. Powerless. Singled out. Why me? Why now? You would think that I would be talking about the person that is going through the journey following an event or diagnosis of their health problem. I am not. What’s...

Trading Places

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have to work on one of our production lines for the day. Fortunate, because I learned a lot in those few short hours. It took me a while to get the hang of the work that needed to be done. About an hour’s worth of awkwardness. No speed. And a bit of frustration. Slowly I got the hang of it. There was nothing hard in what needed to be done. I just...

What Is The “Greater Good”?

From time to time, I hear this phrase “greater good”. It’s a reminder to all of us, to put our ego aside to make an objective choice that may not benefit us but will much more benefit others. That the sacrifice or loss of opportunity to ourselves would be far less than the impact of hardship, loss or increased dissatisfaction on others. Where our insistence of a course of action...

When Can Thinking Be Most Valuable?

In talking with some of you, who read my blog regularly, you shared with me where you saw value in my words. A common answer was that “you make me think”. While humbling to hear this, I couldn’t help but ask when can the act of thinking be most valuable? When what you read exposes the stories you tell yourself. And by then challenging their truths within your heart. How does...

Our Confusion Over Roles

The internet defines a role as ” the function assumed or part played by a person or thing in a particular situation”. I find it difficult for us to assess and infer what role is needed when. Recently, I heard someone describe a leadership position as filling a role of status and power when that position is all about service. Another person jumped on the role of task master when the...

What Is The Most Complicated Thing In Our Lives?

With friends the other night, I heard about the complexity that has crept into their businesses. Over the past few months, I have struggled trying to figure out the best format for my to do list. From others I hear about their lack of time, money, or opportunities to get ahead. Difficult situations constantly are heard from afar. Articles, blogs, books, & podcasts all have topics to deal with...

What Would You Tell A Friend?

I had an interesting conversation with someone who was having some trouble at work with their boss. In classic fashion, they were emotional over an issue, and proceeded to become difficult to approach at work because they were upset at what happened. When listening to their explanation, they proceeded to share their story as to why what happened took place. What their boss was really thinking...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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