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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Ideas Are Fragile

Ideas are born out of thin air. So very light yet so promising. Cities, towers, and dreams are built with ease quickly through ideas. Only to find earth’s gravity pulling them further away from their promise. . They are never complete and always evolving. Why are we fooled to think they are so certain? When held too tight, and reluctant to change, brings them one form of death. Of our own...

The Many Roads to Understanding

On Understanding: Understanding, while powerful, needs to unfold. Situations make understanding more dynamic. I have found that most times I know less going into a situation than I think. I sometimes make a small step first and then see what I learn before going further. It gives me a little more time to see the situation, to decide what I know and don’t know, and then decide how to proceed...

Timeless Classic: Don’t Be Scared

[ [First Published in June 2014] To call when your closest friend has been silent. To doubt when things around you don’t feel right. To listen past the complaints to hear what others are saying. To think before speaking so your emotions don’t get in the way. To find a silver lining when clouds embrace your day. To keep learning for something new will always surprise us. To be yourself...

Timeless Classic: Now

[First published in March 2015] Now can be an extremely powerful word that we overlook. It will beat “I will” 11 out of 10 times. It has a clarity that “I know” wishes it had. Now leverages its strength against any obstacle or foe when asked. Now is decisive. It doesn’t wander. Nor does it get distracted. Now is never worried about the outcome for it knows well, that...

Timeless Classic: From Really Easy to Nearly Impossible

[First published in Sept. 2014] Really easy – dreams, hopes, ideas, plans Easy – telling others about your dreams, hopes, ideas, plans Not so easy – beginning to do something (anything) towards realizing any of your dreams, hopes, ideas, plans Hard – waiting for your dreams, hopes, ideas, plans to emerge quickly (they never do) Very hard – persevering when things...

Timeless Classic: 12 Notes

[First appeared in March 2013] I love music. I took piano lessons in grammar school. I can’t play a song. But I do like to sit in front of a keyboard and play chords. I still remember my piano scales. If you ever take a close look at a piano or took lessons you learn that there are 7 keys starting with C,D,E,F,G,A,B that repeat. These are the white keys. There are 5 black keys as well. So...

What Makes a Day New?

We romanticize the value of a new day. Signaling a new beginning. Marking the end of what, most likely, was a bad experience or situation. Bringing hope back into our lives. Feeling refreshed for a burden has been lifted. I would argue that each day can be new but rarely is so. Why is that? What stands in our way? Our habits, responsibilities, and to do lists all resemble the dirt in the...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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