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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Building Your Life’s Road with Purpose

Building roads is a skill we are both good and bad at. It is the longest project we will work on in our lives. Yet it’s very rarely noticed. We don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it but spend a lot of time doing it. What am I referring to? It’s building our lives. What they don’t teach us in school is that every day when we wake up and join the world we are getting...

Deciding to See: Overcoming Distractions and Ego to Embrace Personal Growth

Deciding to see is one of the most difficult things we can do. Going beyond our daily distractions and inability to commit long periods to focus, deciding to see is an intentional act that we have a hard time accepting. When someone decides to see, they are willing to admit that they don’t know everything, what the situation calls for, or that their prior thinking has been flawed and are...

As We Age, More Things in Life Reveal Themselves as Temporary

Clouds look massive in the air. Solid from afar. When we are younger, most things around us appear this same way. The people we interact with are the same for months – even years. Places we visit, and institutions we frequent have this same characteristic. The problems we encounter and fix seem permanent. There is a sense that “life will go on like this forever”. But over a...

Unlocking Growth and Creativity: Embracing Search Beyond Information Retrieval

The world of artificial intelligence gives us limitless opportunities to benefit from search by going deeper into a topic we know little about in a short amount of time. Hiding the value of being interested in search by being overwhelmed by what information artificial intelligence shares with us for our query. Growing up, search was all about going to the library, looking through the card index...

An Antidote to Incomplete Thinking

We go through our days relatively well. Our daily routines make each day familiar. The start and end of most of our days are without incident. Surprises, disappointments, and obstacles tend to always be unexpected. Amid our busy lives, we have things we want to get done. Either to try, build on, or benefit from when complete. Or to solve a problem They generally take the form of an idea. Or...

Confronting Our Own Laziness

Many times we easily describe someone as being lazy. We have all done it. It’s easy to spot from afar. What is less common to see and describe is becoming aware when we become lazy. Like a spider, weaving its web, our level of activity drops just a bit every few weeks. We put off what we need to do for tomorrow. We create believable reasons to not do something today. Binge-watching a TV...

Exploring Balance

Our first encounter with balance happens early in life. When learning to ride a bike. Not easy to do at first but then becomes invisible to us as we develop our mastery. Everything good about riding a bike reveals itself when we learn how to balance ourselves when using it. What is not evident, is how balance is present and hidden in many different areas of our lives. It is interesting to note...

Waking Up to a New Day

Something May Be: New Unexpected Possible Stressful Routine Old Just Started Forgotten or “Dropped” Good or bad for the moment Easy or Hard Complicated or Easy Something may: Not Happen Scare Us Overwhelm Us Confuse Us Hurt Us Surprise Us Begin or End As we wake up to a new day, we should never take it for granted. Nor should it be considered the end. It’s simply the next page...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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