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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The Table Belongs Here

It’s interesting how quickly we become comfortable with the way things are. For some, things are just fine. Others feel trapped by the way things are. Few challenge by thinking through alternate possibilities from what they see to what can be. I was recently reminded of this when re-setting a production floor. Comprised of tables, shelving, and small machinery. The operators were hesitant...

Every Opportunity Requires a Shovel

Working in the yard brings many joy. Planting flowers and a vegetable garden in the spring. Pulling weeds during the summer as well as watering the grass. Much different work is involved if your were to plant a tree. Or need to expose the foundation of your house in order to seal a crack that leaks water into your basement. Or remove a stump after a tree has been cut. In these situations, you...

What Are the Dance Steps?

Dancing with a partner involves a series of coordinated movements. There is a flow and grace when two people demonstrate this while dancing. When clearly understood, one can easily change their approach depending on the music. From salsa to their favorite line dance, there clearly is a rhythm present giving each the freedom to improvise within it. Clearly, this is evidence that when you...

Smile My Heart

Smile my heart, with a joy towards life that’s unbounded. Let laughter be your prince & generosity your habit. With the courage & patience to live it each day. . Smile my heart, when tears are heavy. For they reveal a thirst for connection Safely with a heart that is present for the day. . Smile my heart, at the beauty of life The temporary nature of its setbacks And the many...

Working Things Through

Not a common phrase amidst our to do list, objectives, and dreams The words – working things through – sound “heavy” not “light”. They generate a feeling of being slower than fast. Never avoiding a challenge but with less excitement when heard. Especially when we state goals as if they can magically appear without much effort. I find these words much more...

The Value of Experienced Voices

We mistakenly believe school ends when we graduate. Be it high school or college depending on your circumstance. As an adult, life becomes a much more difficult school. Confusing us with problems and obstacles. Popping test quizzes on us every time we need to solve an issue. Sometimes we get it right and many times failing miserably only then forced to try again. Our familiar habit is to focus...

Our Difficult Job of Framing

Skill is something we marvel at. The ability to cook a memorable meal. To dance a salsa like a professional. Creating music out of a guitar with your eyes closed. Roller blading down the street while laughing into the air. What hides behind all skill is the abiltiy to frame how you are going to do what you magically do. Will you use a big steel pot or a pyrex glass cooking dish? How should I...

A Life of Conversation

All of us enjoy conversation. It is a basic need of human life. Connecting our spirit intead of our bodies in ways only limited by our imagination. Carrying with it a range of emotions, information, opinions, and perspective. Sometimes sprinkled with questions, doubts, certainties or frustration. Conversations sometimes are targeted to be helpful or fact finding. Other times, to rest and fill our...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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