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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Timeless Classic: The Boring Work of Personal Change

[First Published: July 2016] We are romantic in what we dream about. Of what we will accomplish. Of what changes need to be made. Our energy goes up, our stories become bigger, and we enjoy when others compliment us on where we are headed. The end is in sight before the work ever begins. The problem is that the steps needed to see a change in our lives are very hidden from others and never...

The Need to STOP More Often

To see where you are :Look where you have been Think about where you are going. . Figuring out what you think you know. Deciding what you need to know. Recognizing what you don’t know along the way. . Our lives are nothing but choices we make. With life moving so fast where minutes turn quickly into days. It’s never our intention to not pay attention to where we are going. Needing us...

Finding The Good In Others

In a eulogy heard at a recent funeral I attended, the current pastor of the Church shared with us the number one character trait that he most admired in both the deceased and her husband. It was that they always found the good in others. Knowing this couple well for over fifty years, I can attest to their skill. They led our Church community (as pastor and wife) for 55 years. Never sharing a bad...

Timeless Classic: Can Impatience Be A Strength?

[First Published: July 2015] A friend of mine told me that she was working on becoming more patient. That it was felt, by her mentor, that her impatience was a weakness. I found this interesting because this person has accomplished a lot in their life. So I had to stop and think if impatience can ever be a strength instead of a weakness. Where we focus our attention, which then leads to...

The Far Land of Possibility

We live our lives daily. In a very matter-of-fact way. Doing things out of habit or routine. Following our lists. Meeting our responsibilities or facing our challenges depending on the moment. There is little time to dream or explore. In all of this, we tend to classify ourselves as optimists or pessimists. Understood by all. An optimist believes that 2 + 2 can equal five while the pessimist...

Stories As Connectors

Much of our days are filled with the seriousness of life. Schedules, responsibilities, problems, and demands. Worry and uncertainty can consume us. Our calendars are filled with outcomes and outputs we need to achieve. Organized into lists under the name of productivity. Social media posts share snapshots of our life, thoughts, or opinions. Emails and texts replace our own voice as a new style of...

Understanding the Power of Choice

Decision is a word that is overused. The web defines it as: A conclusion or judgment reached after consideration.The act of reaching a conclusion or of passing of judgment on an issue under consideration.Firmness of character or action; determination. I much prefer replacing the word decision with choice. The web defines choice as: The act of choosing; selection.The power, right, or liberty to...

Timeless Classic: Being Mad

[First published July 2016] Very little comes from being mad. Yet I see people every day talk about being mad because of their boss, boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, job, or situation. I get that being mad is a good way to vent some of the frustration that is deep in your heart. Being mad always leads to blindness at the moment. Controlling your anger is key to continuing to see during difficult...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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