Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Doing More & More……

(I wish I had learned this much earlier in my life.) Our dreams paint pictures of the future that are large and wide. We share our ambitions with others in stories that captivate and make others envy. Much is asked or expected of us as well. So like good soldiers, we set out to finish multiple projects at the same time. It’s only natural, we want so many different things. Others want so...

The Joy of Looking Out Of A Window

Modern life is full of activity. Do this & do that. Go here and there. Finish three things at once before sundown. While technology screams at us to use apps to push against all of this. To help us find peace, tranquility, and rest. Or maybe take a walk or do gardening to give us a chance to rest. Surprisingly, I find it’s always a window that can help accomplish creating this feeling...

You Should Not Fear a Rabbit Hole

Whenever someone dives deep into a subject or problem they are always described as “going down a rabbit hole”. While never physically visiting one, I imagine they go deep underground with no light and most likely are pretty narrow. The imagery is vivid. Narrow. Confining. Dark. With little space to roam. Implied in this imagery is the ease with which we can lose perspective when...

What Makes Life Ever Changing?

There are many days when we complain about the routine in our lives. Making dinner again comes quickly. Having to cut the grass seems to come too often. As does going for a haircut, shopping at the same grocery store, and watching the same TV channels and shows each week. So how can I say that life is ever-changing? Because I believe deeply we shape our lives around the experiences and exposure...

My Recent Visit With The Index of a Book

It’s very rare for us to have the ability to travel into the past. Even rarer to experience something from the past that is unchanged. Yet last weekend I did just that. My experience felt strange. I was using a popular software report writer that is used to connect databases with information and turn specific information into a computer report. This software program has been around for a...

Engagement – Is It a Chicken or Egg Problem?

So many times I hear people complain about others. Beyond “they didn’t do it right”, they often share that they don’t seem dedicated or as interested as you are in a problem or issue. Talking to different individuals they tend to blame the other side for this creation of apathy. Which brings us to the age-old question, where does engagement begin? With a leader or an...

Our Certainty & Outcomes Weaken When Expectations Guide Our Judgment

Expectations can cause us great difficulties. Clouding our judgment by “whipping up” our emotions. Unintentionally, causing us to stop listening, ignoring possible options, as well as to make our certainty a foregone conclusion. Much like the dart being guided above, expectations create a misguided belief that we can guide our efforts to a specific outcome with complete certainty...

Viewing Every Thing You Do As An Experiment

Everyone has heard everything about personal development and change. Things come and go. What we consider important today, may be of little value tomorrow. There is a fluidity to life, that as you get older, reveals itself. Experiments have a very clear beginning and end. While there may be some disappointment if an experiment does not work, we know we then must try something different if we are...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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