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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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When Simple Math is Not Enough

One of the hardest adjustments in life, is understanding the limitations of 1+1=2. We learn this equation first when we begin to learn math. It is the easiest to comprehend of all mathematical equations. In life, its equivalent is the simple explanation or story we tell ourselves when trying to make sense of a situation, a problem, a world event, or explaining the characteristics of a person. We...

The Many Sides of Questions

Questions appear simple on the surface. Either requiring an explanation or an obligation to do something for someone else. An example of a question seeking an explanation might be “What does a catalytic converter do in a car?”. Seeking an obligation from someone else might be “Can you cook my favorite dinner tonight?”. Beyond these examples, there is much more nuance when...

Choose Where, Who, When & How Instead of What or Why

Our choice of words not only tells a great deal about us but also paves the way for how we ultimately think. Without us ever realizing the power the words we use, many times, guide our next thoughts. Asking any of the five words listed above, where – who – when – what – why, immediately sets up our next question. They lead us in a direction or either discovery...

The Concept of Improvement is Difficult to Understand

Change is a word we use often. It evokes strong feelings when we hear this word. When used, change sounds dramatic, courageous, and strong. Improvement, on the other hand, bears little resemblance to change. Used much less frequently in conversation, improvement feels timid and shy without much force. A foundational pillar for improvement to flourish is the need for repetition. Doing somthing...

What is Lacking or In Our Way When Things Appear Difficult.

Appreciation – for what is being asked of us to do Clarity – not sure what needs to be done Confidence – the silent engine that can power us through any challenge Consistency – not able to get into a regular routine Cooperation – no one wants to work with us in a world we see differently Deadlines – a compression of time that requires too much attention...

Why Did I Decide THIS?

Regrets are romantically talked about as occurring often in old age. With a perspective of time and less to do, reflecting on what could have been can be common. Often offerred as teaching moments to those younger. Sometimes hidden inside generating great sorrow. I contend though that we regularly have regrets. Ones that revolve aroung this question “Why did I decide THIS? Where things did...

Do You Have the Patience to Observe?

We take our attention for granted. From the minute we wake up, our eyes and ears help guide us through our day. We make many quick judgments to determine how we will interact with what is in front of us. Choosing from a bufett of routines and habits used daily. Another part of our lives is made up of quick judments that appear mindful. When we encounter problems, struggles, or most any...

Always Choose Immersion

A friend shared with me a story of something that took them 2.5 hours to do. This occurred in a group setting with others present where he was an active participant while others watched. What he was asked to do was challenging for him to complete. Up to the task, he did complete it. Reviewing his performance led him to this realization. While it was fun to be an active participant, he doubted...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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