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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Grinding: The Motor Behind Endurance & Persistence

Our modern life is measured in seconds. Take a selfie or text a message waiting for a quick reply, slowing down only to binge-watch your favorite series. Sometimes reading about someone’s accomplishments in a minute or two on social media. Making it very difficult for us to come to terms with just how tedious and long a journey it is to accomplish a few significant things in our lives. To...

Partial Knowledge: We Carry It With Us More Than We Think

We rarely think about how much we know. Often, we just keep going through life “knowing”. Rarely doubting ourselves. Going through our regular days as we always do. Interrupted by urgent matters, responsibilities, and unexpected demands on our time. What becomes more evident as we age, is that our knowledge of any topic or area of skill/experience is limited by our exposure to the...

What’s Important Today? This Week? This Month? This Year?

Daily life is full of routines we never are aware we do. Full of habits, time wasted, and chores that seem endless. Interruptions, unexpected events, and frustrations make our days different and unique. Rarely do our accomplishments match the intensity of emotion that “bumps in the road” create. Our auto-pilot lives do provide us with ways to fill our days. Leaving us little time to...

The Power of Belief

It’s interesting to listen to others telling us of their lucky charm, favorite routine, or a special “potion” they take for what ails them. Others as devout believers in God, go to Church regularly and pray deeply for the good health and a peaceful life for their loved ones. Others, passionately describe an idea, solution, or interest in a thing that will significantly change their lives. While...

The Importance Of How Things Fit Together

We focus a lot on acquiring a new app, computer, tool, book, shoe, clothing, golf club or whatever interests us. The same holds true for events in our lives. One presentation, promotion, or opportunity will change everything. There are high hopes that once we acquire them it will make all of the difference in the world. We impute acquiring something new with the power to change our lives. What’s...

Classic Rewind: What Should I Do?

[First published: October 2013] Decide differently, stay strong, or don’t give in because THEY think that is right? How could they be so certain? When they don’t know where I am going They can’t see what my heart is feeling And things never are as simple as they seem. But WHAT IF I AM wrong? That what they are saying might in some way be true. It’s only by choosing...

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My website was down all weekend. So that is why you do not see a post this morning on Monday, July 17th. I will be back with something new for you to read and enjoy this Thursday.


Remembering Tone & Perception When We Communicate With Others

Presenting ourselves well to others is crucial for effective communication. Our approach, patience, tone of voice, and listening skills all influence how people perceive us and how others will react to us. Sometimes, we unintentionally come across as demanding or closed off, even when we think we’re being polite and engaging. It’s important to be mindful of how we present ourselves...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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