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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The Stresses in Our Life Can Affect our Relationships

It’s normal for us to always think we are consistent. That we are the same day in and day out. Rarely is this ever true. In working through an organizational issue, I discovered three individuals who work closely with each other having strained their relationships not due at all to any interaction between them but rather because of outside stressors in their lives. After exploring their...

The Many Tensions of Challenge

Young male climbing on a cliff on wide alley background The uncertainty of the outcome. Deadline for completion. Where do I find the time? Figuring out what needs to be done. Where do I look for help? Do I have the skills to do this? I don’t understand what to do. I will never figure this out. It’s too big for me to work on. I don’t think I can do this. What if I do this wrong...

Identifying Impact

During a work session helping someone sort out their priorities, our conversation evolved from what is important to what may have impact. Impact’s web definition reads “The striking of one body against another; collision. synonym: collision. n.The force transmitted by a collision.” Certainly we don’t want our lives filled with collisions. Implied in the...

Did We Do What We Said We Would Do?

Are we doing what we say we believe? Consistency is hard for us to maintain. We’re always rushing – making consistency hard for us to live. Always bending away from who we are based on the situation. Forgetting it’s the small subtle things we do that makes other trust us when we are consistent. Making things easier, no matter how difficult, when we are more consistent in how we...

Can Opposites Both Be True?

Sun and moon together on the sky symbolizing time, opposites, harmony etc We rarely think about opposites in our everyday lives. There is so much certainty in our beliefs that the only place we confront opposites is when we talk to others. What we miss in our quick dismissal of an opposite is its possibility. For the measure of truth is always a subjective one. Leaving possibility as a helful...

How Will I Do This The Next Time?

This is a new question for me that has become my friend. Suprisingly, “how will I do this the next time” is the first thing I consider now when needing to do anything. For if you pay attention, we end up doing many of the same types of things on a regular basis. Prompted in part by our work, responsibilities, and interests. The struggle to find something needed haunts me for years...

Being Thoughtful

“Full of thought” resides in the word thoughtful. This word is more outward facing than inward. Conveying an attitude towards others rather than describing isolated contemplation. Of consideration, respect, caring, empathy, and concern. Being thoughtful is a proactive step prior to interacting with others. It involves guessing the state of mind of someone and then letting this...

What Can We Learn About Our Conversations From A Casual Discussion About Diets?

Group of wholesome, organic food, including pear, apple, tomato, eggs, nuts, pecans, walnuts, carrot, banana, and apple, for a healthy diet or slimming New Year resolution. Recently, during a discussion about food the topic of diets came up. Many examples were given of family and friends that were on different types. From paleo to keto, from a first heard of program to a branded approach to...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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