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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Does Doubt Have Any Value?

“A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction” is the web’s definition of doubt. It feels like a contradiction to who we are. As humans, we tend to go through our lives being certain even when we don’t feel it deep inside. Just think about it. We always explain our actions by sharing the certainty of a future outcome we believe in. Even when it is wrong. When in conversation, we share our...

What Did You Learn Today?

I find this to be an interesting question. It’s a common question to ask a young child. But never an adult. As with most questions, it contains many nuances or different possible answers. Was there anything new that you learned? Was it interesting? Disturbing? Helpful? It’s always our first emotional response to things that sometimes guides our future interest. Did you learn something...


Being around young children is fascinating. Especially as an adult. They make us present by paying our full attention to them. Where simple things, even collecting rocks, help pass their time. Who seek our phones showing us that our addiction is theirs. They look for simple things like love, care, and safety. We keep each other company while the time flies. Each of us, those young as well as...


Never an easy emotion to overcome. Our dreams are broken. Our spirit is broken. Relationships or our work is broken. Why are we the last to see the effect of being broken? What’s funny about life, is we never feel that we change. Yes, we can feel when were frustrated, angry, or happy. But we can never see when our thinking becomes more biased, jaded or when we give short answers to others. Where...

What Is Intellectual Humility?

Fancy words that simply describe when someone is humble enough to say “I don’t know”. Or that is willing to listen from a base of curiosity that then says “tell me more”. It can be used to describe someone who quiets their point of view in order to hear from others openly without judgment before deciding if their opinions or points of view fit. Intellectual humility is a very difficult trait to...


What a deceptive word. The web defines it as “the general desire or willingness of someone to do something” or “ the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way”. It’s a deceptive word because we tend to attribute our successes to things we were motivated to do. If we don’t feel motivated, we tend not to do them, because we assume that without motivation, we won’t put our...

Leadership Always Places You In The Middle

Being a leader implies that you are at the top. At the head of the line. People looking up to you for direction. Being a boss whose words are final. Where exercising their power is expected of them. Being the best problem solver. The calm and patient one in crisis. And so on…… This imagery presumes that leaders are in front. That their actions and words go in only one direction —...

Only Three Basic Ways To Change

I had an interesting conversation with someone this morning about where they were in life. I sensed that they were muddling through rather than working towards what they aspired to & could be. In our discussion, I finally was able to verbalize something that I learned in the last ten years. That there are only three basic ways to create change in your life. Skills, network, or discipline. End...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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