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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The Twelve Unique Piano Notes

I love music yet can’t play a song. I took piano lessons in grammar school but am quite poor when reading sheet music.. But I do like to sit in front of a keyboard and play chords. I still remember my piano scales. It’s interesting how some of this comes back to me when I sit in front of a piano. If you ever took piano lessons, you learn that there are 7 keys starting with...

Understanding Creates Changes in Focus

Frustration or curiosity can lead us to search for new ideas or solutions. Curiosity is well connected to search where frustration is not. Too many times I see people who are frustrated with their situation or circumstance spend their time complaining. Without ever searching for something different to get them past their current troubles. During our search for new ideas or solutions, confusion...

The Need for More Integrative Thinking

The web defines to integrate as “to make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify”. Integrative thinking is a skill that I find lacking in many but which can be learned. It is a core piece necessary to be creative. For nothing presents itself complete the first time it appears. We are most familiar with the concept of building blocks as a form of integrative learning. Where...

“What Do You Think About ……?” A Most Dangerous Question

We ask this question often. You can fill in the ending. Whatever your topic, the dangers are still the same. Only for the person asking the question. Surprisingly, the way you ask the question is not where the danger lies. It’s more about who you ask to answer the question and how do you think you will benefit by hearing their answer. Too many times, we ask this question of “what do...

A New Shine Always Wears Off. Then What?

We seek the experience of “new”. It’s full of excitement, energy, and wonder. When “new” appears unexpectedly, it can be full of fear and possible rejection. In either case, there is a shine to newness regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Our emotions are active where there is shine. As with a new car. Where no raindrop or finger print has yet to...

What Morning Will We Wake Up To?

After the darkness of the night, predictably the sun rises in the east. At certain times of the year earlier than others, but always present when starting our day. Walking hand in hand with the hours on our clocks. Reliably giving us the light of a new day. Each and every day. Amidst all of this consistency that time and sun gives us, our mornings are just the opposite. Different many times...

Our Need for Exploration

Exploration is not a topic of everyday conversation. In our minds, exploration is left only to scientists, philosophers, and astronauts. It is interesting to contrast this with our lives that contain to do lists, habits, routines, and responsibilities. All providing comfort & certainty in our day. Often we hear of the need for us to continue learning. To evolve and grow. Reflect and improve...

The Concept of Creating A Different Future Regardless of Your Age

Who we are and who we become seem predestined. Never giving much thought to where we end up for life seems to “just happen”. Years go by. Struggles appear and then pass. Our jobs continue. Falling mindlessly into our routines as if they were meant as the only way for us to live. But what if things don’t seem to fit as well anymore? Either through sudden change or death by...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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