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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Thanks for Sharing

Receiving something from another person is always fun. Whether it’s a recipe, a book or a movie title. It’s always nice to feel that another person cares enough about you to share something with you. Recently, a good friend of mine sent me a link to a video. I found it to be really good. I had to pause after looking at it to reflect on all that it shared. It’s also quite timely...

The Corrosive Impact of Expectations

Meriam-Webster defines expectation in many ways: To consider probable or certainTo consider reasonable, due, or necessaryTo consider bound in duty or obligationTo anticipate or look forward to the coming or occurrence of This made me explore how does this translate into ways that I think: This is how I think things will turn outThis is how I want things to turn outThis is how things will probably...

My Treadmill Mirror

Well documented, our affinity for abandoning exercise declarations is commonplace. Setting out to lose weight and become healthier are noble goals. Blaming life for our failures. Too many other things to do. Don’t have time and so on. My own behavior over the last month has made me question “why does this happen”? During a 14 day quarantine I faithfully walked four miles a day...

Build a Puzzle, Build a Life

In a conversation with a friend, I complimented them on embracing more of a digital presence for their organization, given our shelter at home orders. I challenged them to think how they could further expand their reach by using what they have recently learned. What I heard was silence. It happens more than you think. I too was silent when others tried to expand my thinking. Sharing with me...

A Drawer Full of Rulers

Strange how no one has a drawer full of rulers in their home. One ruler is sufficient. Maybe you have a couple of tape measures in your house. An inch is an inch. A foot is a foot. No more and no less. Rulers neither lie nor confuse. They simply make your understanding exact when it comes to measurement. It occurred to me that life has us carry a drawer full of rulers with us daily. Instead of...

The Footsteps of Our Soul

While watching some religious services digitally this week for Easter, a gentle warmth appeared within me. Strange I thought. How could a digital experience, very different than what I was used to experiencing, elicit an uninvited guest into my being? There was something powerful in what I was feeling. And it was good. My mind then wandered. Where does creativity come from? The lyrics of our...

What is Trust in a Good Friendship?

In a podcast interview I recently heard, David Hassell (CEO of 15Five) defined trust in a work environment to have three components: sincerity, reliability, and competence. Sincerity implies honesty, authenticity & true caring. Reliability describes that you can be counted on. Competence defines that you have the skills to complete the work. When any of the three are missing, there is no...

The Struggle for Personal Clarity

Clarity is defined on the web as “clearness of thought”. When young, we never question our thinking. Especially as we enter the world following school and feel we know a lot. Drowning in hormones, energy and impulse guide most of our thinking during these days. Beautiful yet confusing. As one gets older, you begin to see the scorecard of your choices. Ones that worked well. And many...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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