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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Our Thinking

Mirrors are great tools for helping us look good. Reminding us how we are aging. Helping us practice our smile. As well as helping us judge whether our new eye glass frames bring life to our appearance. Sadly, there is no mirror to see our thinking. From the time we wake up until our day ends, we go about our day using routines, habits, and busyness to make it through to the end. We react to...

Experiencing Wonder

Wonder is defined as “the emotion we experience when being awe-inspired, amazed, or surprised.” The recent sighting of two planets close together in the solar system and seeing the pictures of the bright star they created was amazing. It evokes wonder within us. Where does wonder fit into our daily lives? Amidst our to do list, calendar, video meetings, family responsibilities, and...

Degrees of Stress

There are significant events in each of our lives that change us. The older we are, the more there may be. We remember bad things as having a greater impact on our lives then when good things occur. I would argue though the event itself is irrelavant. The degree of change depends on how much stress a given situation imposes on us. Either internally by what we make of it or externally by what what...

Searching For Ambition

Ambition is a word we rarely use in conversation. Defined as having “an eager or strong desire to achieve something”, it is rarely apparent, on a day to day basis, in our work. Our words skew to using adjectives like motivated, goal oriented, disciplined, and many like them to describe a person. We ourselves use these same words to characterize who we are. Using outcomes described by...

Less Than Two Weeks

Two weeks is a lot of time. If you have a report to complete. Put together a presentation in Power Point. Organize and touch up pictures from a recent photo shoot. Send out your Christmas cards. Why even cleaning up your home office before the holidays or decorating your living room before family arrives. You see we have less than two weeks until Christmas. This holiday focuses us on what yet...


To be prepared. What a difficult and narrow concept. Taught to us early in life by studying for tests in school. Ingrained in us as necessary when needing to perform well in a race. Or to pass a physical fitness test. Seeing parents and grandparents cooking and baking for days in anticipation of celebrating holidays with family and friends. The creation of the Chrismas holiday experience by...

Connecting The Past To The Present

None of us do this is our quick answer. There is no time to look back. Yet like gravity, connecting our past to the present is always working behind the scenes to make sense of our lives and what is before us. Christmas carols make the phenomenon of connecting the past to the present visible. Of our childhood excitement of cookies, presents, and the surprises that Santa Claus gave us when young...

Process Limits

Process limits is not an everyday concept. Common in engineering, it describes the maximum output of a designed system. Whether it be a piece of machinery, electronic component, or chemical reaction. Its value lies in developing a deep understanding of what you are working with. Tempering expectations or aspirations against reality. Making it clear, that if you need to go further, what you have...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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