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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Post it Notes & Blocks

Given the virtual nature of modern life, I don’t see many children playing with blocks. They quickly look to use their parent’s phone to watch their favorite videos or allowed social media channels. Blocks as bricks are all around us. Houses, buildings, as well as sometimes streets contain them. Whether small or large, by themselves each are too small to make an impact. When stacked...

What is the Hardest Skill to Develop?

We read often about the skills needed to do something. You need to be able to do this or that to accomplish anything. Athletic skill is something we marvel at. We envy people who seem smarter than we are. A person’s problem solving skills can appear so much better than ours. The simplicity with which a handyman fixes something amazes us. And so on. A question rarely asked is what is the...

The Hidden Gift of a New Problem

Today, the common thinking is that words and stories matter. Whether you are selling a product, an idea, or even campaigning. How strange to find the word gift paired with problem. What if instead of problem you used the word obstacle, issue or situation? Do your feelings change if it involves a person or a thing? There are many reasons that problems (or whatever word you choose to substitute...

Two Sides of a Fence

Visiting with friends this weekend, our discussion turned to retirement. All of them are retired. They talked of the need to keep moving, stay busy, and find things to do each day. They felt that was very important to them. Contrast that with those of us that work. Large to do lists, starving for time, and pulled in many directions. Always busy but never sure if we are getting anywhere. Activity...

Finding Importance. A Most Difficult Task.

I recently collaborated with a couple of people in drafting a letter to be sent out to a group on our behalf. What was interesting about this exercise was the way each individual chose to craft their letter. The order of topics was different. Albeit both were only a few paragraphs. Each understood what needed to be accomplished. With certainty, I could see that they both chose different things as...

Many Conversations. How Different Are They?

Throughout the last couple of months, my wife and I have enjoyed visiting with friends after many months of shelter at home due to Covid. In small groups of course. We are blessed to have many people in our lives. Valuing their presence by re-connecting with them as time permits is important to us. On reflection, each of our many conversations have all been different. There is very little overlap...

Going Thru Old Papers

Moving into a different office was challenging. Close to my other one that I was in for nearly 10 years. Over time, you know the story. We accumulate things. Too lazy to go through them regularly. Then the move happens. My office turned into boxes. Needing my eyes and hands to touch everything that I have gathered over the many years. Spreadsheets once important now have no meaning. Letters...

Our Nature Stays With Us

A good friend asked me if I noticed that those we grew up with acted much like they did when they were much younger? I wasn’t sure how to answer so I asked in what way? He said that my demeanor was pretty much the same as when I was young. He went on to share names of friends we both have known a long time and their similarities throughout the years. I couldn’t help but agree. His...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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