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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Excuses Are Never Helpful

We only share them to make us feel better in difficult or awkward situations. People who use them mistakenly think that they explain what is going on in the moment. They are used more as a defense rather than offered as a thoughtful analysis of what has taken place. Excuses never help us get better or learn from a situation. Only being honest with ourselves will accomplish this. Taking...

How Can I Do This Better?

It’s normal to ask this question in the context of focused perfomance improvement. A fancy, official sounding phrase, commonly used in athletics or in business. Where time is the metric that is used most often. How do I run faster? Or make more boxes in a given length of time? But we rarely ask this question of ourselves in our daily life. Whether its laundry, cooking, gardening, doing a...

Bright Sun & Summer Breezes

Blue skies, bright sun & the freshness of a summer breeze. The joy of a simple day, pleasant without being hot. With a mind wandering about, simply enjoying the day. . No projects, deadlines or worries. Just gentle breaths with eyes full of wonder. Where do the days go when in the middle of a race? . Outside our door. In the middle of life’s hustle. If only we stop to see. Bright sun...

The Role of Endurance During Difficult Times

No one told us growing up that there will be hardships and obstacles that we will face at some point in our life. It happens to all of us. No one escapes. Most certainly in our personal lives. And true, many times, for those who are in leadership positions. Every one of us “always knows” what to do when it’s another person’s problem. But rarely do we really know how we...

Summer Replay: Consistency

[First appeared in August 2013]

Consistent in output, temperament, and habit.

Consistent in attention, discipline, and appearance.

Consistent in detail, focus, and energy.

Consistent in interest and caring.

It’s so hard to do this everyday because we are human.

But it’s no excuse not to try.

Everything Needs a Runway

One of our shortcomings, as humans, is our tendency to simply declare things to happen. We are going to cook dinner. Work on a project. Clean the yard. Complete three things on our to do list. Making our declarations feel like simple events for us to complete. Without thinking about what is involved in order to complete a task. Everything we do needs a runway before actually doing an activity to...

The Excitement of Emergent Thinking

Jigsaw puzzles can be both challenging and enjoyable. My wife likes to work on them. Finding little pieces that fit. Where slowly over time things become clearer. Sometimes needing to move to a different part of the picture to gain traction when stuck. Finding common links between groups of puzzle pieces building into a more coherent whole. A lot of trial and error is involved. Where does the...

Being Too Rigid

The more rigid and set our thinking becomes:

The fewer opportunities we will recognize to grow from..

The less tolerant we are of others. Losing out on their friendship & unique abilities to learn from.

Never giving us a chance for hope in tomorrow.

Denying each of us the chance to be better than the day before.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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