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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Seeing the Reflection of Life in Death

The death of a loved one is never easy. Their absence fills our life with tears, silence, and great loneliness. For the deceased, there is no longer any rush, responsibilities or worries. New clothes, gadgets or interests no longer define them. Death brings clarity to what is meaningful in life. Unfortunately the tears in our eyes, together with the pain in our heart, steals us of the opportunity...

When Do We Change?

I came across this quote while learning about lean problem solving tools. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. “We love exploring new stuff and changing our understanding — it’s changing behavior that we find painful.” Michael Balle I found this interesting because I thought for a long time, as I learned new things and my understanding of things changed, that I had...

Finding The Steps To Follow

Adult learning is much different than anything we experienced in school. As adults, interest or necessity drive much of what we choose to learn. Skills for a new job as well as learning how to roast a leg of lamb in the oven would both qualify. Tangled in this journey, is envisioning the outcome. What we hope to accomplish. This is different than reading a work of fiction for pleasure. Or...

Timeless Classic: Tell Me What You Know…..

[First Published – March 2015] Tell me what you know and I can begin to see the walls around you. Tell me where have you been and I can begin to understand who you are. Tell me who you are with and I can begin to see the patterns of your life. Tell me how you spend your time and I can begin to see how much you really care. I’ve told many what I knew and found that I knew little...

Searching For The Right Answer Is Never A Good Idea

Growing up we took so many multiple choice tests. Being graded on the right answers we chose. Conditioning us to believe that coming up with the “right answer” not only has value but infers that any different answer is wrong. “Right” implying that only one answer can be correct and absolute. This approach, when learning facts and to understand concepts, has benefit in...

Many Things of Value or Required Are Never Easy


Long Term Thinking above Short term Gain

Realizing Your Dreams




Deep love of others




Building Skills

Deep Understanding


Overcoming Setbacks or Challenges

Weight Loss – Health Improvement



Where Do Details Appear?

My fascination with the level of impact details make on our lives continues. When a company or organization grows, there are more things to take care of. More details to pay attention to leading to the hiring of more people. We get frustrated when we have too much to do saying that we do not have enough “bandwith” to pay attention to everything (and the details inside of each). There...

A Classic: Moments of Blindness

This post first appeared in Feburary 2014. When we are so certain that nothing can stop us from succeeding. When we believe we are right and refuse to listen. When we don’t hear what someone is trying to tell us. When we react emotionally to what has just been said. When we want something uncontrollably. When we have a reason, outside of ourselves, for every failure. When we rely on our...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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