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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Fooled By Our Own Randomness

I had breakfast this morning with someone who is pursuing a freelancer career in data analytics. This person was a bit discouraged by the lack of project work this month after a busy last month. We explored what he did to get projects to work on. What was his conversion rate of how many leads he had to “chase” in order to be picked for one project. Then he shared with me that he...

Our Expectations Cause Blindness

All of us have been frustrated by others. We say that they should have acted a certain way but didn’t. Their behavior confuses us. Our expectations become the measuring stick for our happiness. When others miss them, we focus on their lack of conformance dictating the amount of frustration we experience. Recently in a meeting, attendees voiced their frustration with others who were not in...

What To Do Next?

I find this question to be most challenging. Not in terms of understanding what is being asked. But in coming up with an answer. What to do next is a question we ask ourselves multiple times a day. First, the question is difficult. It always demands a choice. What do we do next at the exclusion of everything else? Second, how do we choose? Is the next thing the most urgent? Or the thing we like...

Where Does Buying Time Fail?

Convenience, simplicity, and making something easier are all outcomes of buying time. These are the common reasons people use to defend their attempts at saving time. Where does buying time fail? It fails when we have no clarity around what we want to do with the extra time we now have found. Rushed through our day by the demands of others or our situation leaves us so drained. We never consider...

Can You Buy Time?

The first time I heard this phrase “buy time” it felt strange to me. How can you buy time? It just didn’t make sense to me. The more I explored this phrase, the logic of buying time became much more clear. All of us buy time without understanding its true value. Deceptively, it appears to be a byproduct of a physical purchase. Those that work at buying time believe the reverse...

People Builders

When hearing the phrase people builders, the first thought that comes to mind are teachers. For the first 20 years or so of our lives, all we do as children is learn so much from the adults around us. Quickly forgotten, we then begin our adult lives as if we know so much. Parents would be the second most common people builders in the world. Tasked with the responsibility of nurturing their babies...

Seek Out What Is Good. Always.

In a newletter, titled the “Daily Stoic”, Ryan Holiday shares the point of view at the foundation of stoicism. The word stoicism is defined on the web as “the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint”. In a recent post, he quoted Marcus Aurelius, a Roman emperor, with saying “When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself:...

Unexpected Happenings

When we look into our days, we always find unexpected happenings. Some good, some not. Both surprises and frustrations. Some seen and some missed. They remind us that the plans for our day are never perfect. We can never see the future with perfect clarity. Humbling us into paying attention to the imperfections in life. Our reactions to unexpected happenings vary greatly. Some become very...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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