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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Using a Tool in Too Many Ways

It’s our natural instinct to want to get things done. There is so much to do each day. The sooner we can complete something, the better we feel it is for us. What’s interesting is that life presents us with a lot of issues to deal with. Some of which always seem similar. As a result, we sometimes forego nuance, to grab a tool to take care of many things at once. Nuance can be defined...

The Large Divide Between Romance and Reality

A very underappreciated tension in our lives, that we ignore too many times, is the one between romance and reality. It comes in many forms. Examples of romance would be our dreams, declarations of what we will do, or describing large solutions or ambitious plans to implement. I would argue that many times our goals would fall into this same romantic bucket. All examples of reality wrap...

The Need For Tension Between Simplicity and Detail

I find that there are two major types of people in the world. One that jumps to conclusions quickly. The other enjoys the journey of learning about the details. There is only a minority who dance between the two in ways that will become apparent and much more meaningful. Those that offer answers quickly to situations are not concerned about detail. Their conclusions come either from their beliefs...

Solving The Wrong Problem

This title seems strange. All of us are problem solvers. Problems pop up. We find solutions. Every day of our lives problems appear and then we work through them. But what is a “wrong problem”? This doesn’t make much sense. The unique characteristic to help identify a wrong problem is to look at the effectiveness of the solution implemented. If a solution does little to change...

Daring To Imagine

As a child, we easily fill our days dreaming of things not near. As adults, we work hard to logically determine what really is near. Making fear our poor reason not to dare. Beating our imagination down each and every year. . Instead of falling short. Do we dare imagine, once again, of things far and not near? Taking one step towards them is a great beginning when we believe we have nothing to...

Timeless Classic: 5 Things We Have In Common

[This post was first published in October 2015] The ability to decide.¬†We do it all day many times. The choices we make will either be good or bad. Since we are human, we will make some of both repeatedly. Our hope is that we make a few more good ones than bad ones. Our choices in life will define us. The ability to be active. To put in the effort. To be good or successful in anything takes...

When Doing Nothing Can Be Dangerous

Being lazy or bored are ways we can tell that we are doing nothing. Our calendar is empty, our phones do not ring, and we have little energy for doing anything. This is certainly one type of doing nothing. Vacations fit this profile well. Restful, peaceful, and re-energizing. Visiting a beautiful place with no demands placed on our time. A dangerous type of doing nothing is when a decision is not...

Our Focus on “Because” Stunts Our Growth

“Because” is a commonly used beginning when answering a question that begins with “why”. Many times a week we try to make sense of the world. Something happens that we don’t fully understand which then leads to asking why did this happen. Our curiosity in search of a cause is admirable but limiting. Once hearing the answer beginning with “because” we...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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