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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Revealing the Power of Decision Trees

A decision tree is something where you test something and depending on whether the answer is yes or no (from the outcome of the test) it leads you in a different direction depending on the answer. Decision trees are pre-mapped action outlines that guide you based on your answer of “yes or no” with each step. Getting sick and seeing a doctor is where I run into decision trees the most...

Our Difficulty With Thinking In Terms of Priority

Priority is a label we assign to something on our to-do list (or something we would like to do) giving us some ranking of either importance or urgency. We hear it often when working in groups or when we research how to best organize ourselves to be more productive. The common story around figuring out priorities is that not everything in front of us is important or urgent. Urgency confuses us...

Brevity Is A Two-Edged Sword

Lightning appears for such a brief time. From afar it looks so powerful. But as quickly as it appears, it disappears never to be seen again. Brevity is an inherent characteristic of lightning. Texting and social media posts are good examples of brevity in today’s modern world. We constantly swipe up and down in our social media accounts and browse the titles of the many emails we receive...

A Lesson From A Magnifying Glass

When I was young, I remember in the summer taking a magnifying glass and a piece of paper outside. Placing the piece of paper on the sidewalk, I would then position the magnifying glass between the sun and the paper. Moving the magnifying glass either closer to or further away from the paper, until the magnifying glass would focus its rays in a concentrated way causing the paper to burn. Leaving...

Health is Life’s Biggest Driver

My last post was on February 1st of this year. I came down with pneumonia about this same time, taking me almost a month to get most of my energy back. My wife concurrently had some back issues, taking us into new territory with the unscheduled disruption of our daily routines. Both of us “down” was something we never experienced before. During the last few weeks, as I caught up on my...

Tasks & Chores Remind Us of How Life Never Stops

Today, I confess that I don’t feel well. I slept a lot during the day. Over the past three days, I fulfilled an active, fast-paced schedule. This led me to be “rundown”. Interestingly, no matter how I felt, the garbage needed to be placed by the street for tomorrow’s pickup, and dishes needed to be washed. Life never stops, no matter what stories we tell ourselves or how...

The Art of Clear Choices: Embracing Binary Decisions

A binary decision is one where there can be only two choices. The definition of binary is “relating to, composed of, or involving two things”. Early computer machine languages worked off of a system of the numbers 0 and 1 (another binary system). Binary decisions present us with two options that are opposite each other. They present themselves as “you can do this or you can do...

Explaining Others’ Behavior

I find it amazing how people seem to easily explain other people’s behavior. They did it because of this or that. He or she knew what they were doing or wanted to do it. They even jump to say that they know what is coming next. Connecting the dots (whether they are true or not) makes our stories more credible. Never considering whether our explanations are “close” to being...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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