Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Looking at Music To See a Glimpse of Life

How many times do we listen to music and never hear the words? The rhythm, the instruments, and the energy are what most times we connect to. It was only as I got older did I begin to pay attention to the words. Most songs tell stories that share honest feelings. Songs are not 140 characters in length but unfold over three to five minutes as they step into our lives. Some people “feel” the music...

Accepting Imperfection

The value of an antique many times lies in both its perfection as well as its imperfection. The style of a painting identifies the artist both in terms of what is included and what may be missing. Sometimes we view imperfection as having value. Other times we describe imperfection as being a weakness. Our egos work hard to hide our imperfections with the words we choose or the clothes we wear...

Let’s Look At The Wind More Closely

The wind is a great example of diversity, in essence, purpose, and perspective of almost everything in life. Many times we view the wind “as the wind” when upon exploration, we find it is much more and very different depending on how you view it and/or use it. Let’s look at the wind more closely. A cool breeze off of the ocean quiets the soul. The same breeze on a hot day, while...

What Is The Key To Personal Development?

Personal development is never about what we know and always about what we don’t know. . The key to personal development is using this combination of “new”: Learning, experiencing, and/or using & doing new things while also meeting and learning from new people you did not know but seem to know/experienced much more than you have to date. . Making the unknown familiar integrating into who you...

Doing More & More……

(I wish I had learned this much earlier in my life.) Our dreams paint pictures of the future that are large and wide. We share our ambitions with others in stories that captivate and make others envy. Much is asked or expected of us as well. So like good soldiers, we set out to finish multiple projects at the same time. It’s only natural, we want so many different things. Others want so...

The Joy of Looking Out Of A Window

Modern life is full of activity. Do this & do that. Go here and there. Finish three things at once before sundown. While technology screams at us to use apps to push against all of this. To help us find peace, tranquility, and rest. Or maybe take a walk or do gardening to give us a chance to rest. Surprisingly, I find it’s always a window that can help accomplish creating this feeling...

You Should Not Fear a Rabbit Hole

Whenever someone dives deep into a subject or problem they are always described as “going down a rabbit hole”. While never physically visiting one, I imagine they go deep underground with no light and most likely are pretty narrow. The imagery is vivid. Narrow. Confining. Dark. With little space to roam. Implied in this imagery is the ease with which we can lose perspective when...

What Makes Life Ever Changing?

There are many days when we complain about the routine in our lives. Making dinner again comes quickly. Having to cut the grass seems to come too often. As does going for a haircut, shopping at the same grocery store, and watching the same TV channels and shows each week. So how can I say that life is ever-changing? Because I believe deeply we shape our lives around the experiences and exposure...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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