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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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What Would You Do? Initiate, Participate, Procrastinate, or Ignore?

Four simple choices appearing daily in our lives. Initiate – Most commonly used when you are trying to do something new or different. It implies that there is no waiting. You make the choice to begin. When you initiate anything there is no guarantee of the outcome so there is some risk. But there is motion in a direction when you initiate and can lead to great personal growth by doing this...

Is Being Effective Always Efficient? Are They Different or The Same?

The English language provides us with multiple opportunities to compare and contrast. Efficient vs effective is yet another. Both describe (at a high level) a key characteristic of the process of getting to an end result. Two different ways to measure if we reached our goal. When I think of efficiency, there is a sense that a minimum is done to reach maximum output. Or a minimum is put in to get...

Certainty vs Clarity

Nothing is more confusing than combining these two terms as if they were one. We are all guilty of this at times. Where we say that something is certain because “we are thinking clearly”. When those who truly do think clearly would never say that something in the future is absolutely certain. Certainty can either be comforting or alarming. It gives us a false sense of control over the...

Old School Relationship Building Blocks

It’s interesting to work and be around younger people. There are always new things to learn. Their primary modes of communication are email, text, messaging apps, and social media. All modes are single facing. There is no direct, real-time interaction with someone else. These forms of communication all are centered around the sender’s agenda, personality, and world. All of the focus...

All Alone

All alone. Things didn’t turn out the way I thought. Was it me? Was it them? Why didn’t I see it coming? Was the situation that bad? What do I do now? Most everything in life happens over time. We spend at least 12 years in school. For some, it could be 16-20 years in school. Building a career happens over a lifetime. Raising a family could take 20-30 years depending on the number of...

Fountains of Information are Available if You Seek Them

I know of no better imagery for the abundance of information available to us than fountains. Each is distinct in its own way. Powerful with respect to the amount of water each pushes to incredible heights. Seemingly static given the fact that upon your return, they always look the same. Even though each drop of water has traveled through its many paths of going up and coming down. The fountains...

Timeless Classic: An Excerpt On Friendship From The Book “The Prophet”

[First Published: November 2015] I recently came across this excerpt from a book entitled The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran. A very good friend of mine shared this book with me as a teenager, many years ago. It’s a great book that I still enjoy today. “On Friendship And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship.And he answered, saying:Your friend is your needs answered.He is your...

What’s Next?

“What’s next” is a complicated question. One that dances in and out of our lives daily. Its importance changes often. Making our answers transient, contextual, situational, and elusive. Sometimes, something outside of ourselves dictates urgency and the need for focus. Making “what’s next” a simple question with only one answer. Reaction tends to be the dominant...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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