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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The Four Paths of Personal Responsibility: Initiate, Participate, Procrastinate, or Ignore

Here are four possible paths we regularly choose from: Initiate – Most commonly used when you are trying to do something new or different. It implies that there is no waiting. You choose to begin with no hesitation. When you initiate anything there is no guarantee that the outcome will succeed or fail making it risky when starting. It commonly leads to personal growth as you try new things...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a short note to thank you for reading my blog posts. It means a lot to me that you continue to join me on my journey towards thinking about more deeply things that occur in our lives. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it comes with few expectations. Simply family, friends, and a good meal (plus leftovers). It is also a special place that has no room for our phones, tablets, and...

Hearing and Seeing Is More Risky Than We Think

Hearing clearly and seeing objectively what there is are two of the most challenging tasks for our senses. Our inclination to misinterpret things and jump to conclusions makes using our hearing and sight more risky than we think. . Neither what we hear or see makes anything right. Needing more work, different perspectives, confirmation, and exploration. To lower the risk and improve the quality...

Our Reflexive Use of “I Understand”

“I understand” is a phrase we use often. Both with easy and difficult ideas. As I’ve aged, I notice that many use this phrase as an automatic response rather than a true indication of their true understanding of a topic or issue. Why is this reflexive answer so easy and automatic for us to use? We don’t want to be embarrassed by stating we don’t understand...

Unlocking the Power of Consistency: The Key to Achieving Constant Progress

Constant progress is not a concept we easily accept & believe. Our dreams demand instant outcomes with little effort or thought. Time is never a factor when our dreams capture us. Nor is any consideration for the work necessary to achieve them. But from where is constant progress born? Is it from discipline, focus, character, strength, courage, creativity, or 80-hour work weeks? I would argue...

Unlocking Better Clarity: Exploring Our Relationship with the “Non-Human Things” in Life

When we talk about relationships, we commonly refer to human interaction. Between two people, a family, a workgroup, or an organization. It sometimes focuses on identity. Other times levels of trust and depth of honesty or communication. Close or distant are terms used when describing them. The term “things” needs some explanation. It could be physical things like your house, car...

The Promise of Today

Something may be new, unexpected, or possible. Making us angry, frustrated, excited, or pleased. Or more of the same from the day before. Full of effort with little progress. Some things missed, or dropped, together with small beginnings, at times, to move us ahead. . Our day can be a good one, happy, or difficult, with always too much to do. Shared with others on a same journey or alone to face...

Unlocking the Power of Lifelong Learning: From Skill-Based Mastery to Transformational Change

As adults, learning never ends. The outside world presents us with new experiences all of the time. Experiences give us an opportunity to learn things. Many are unforeseen and at times challenging. Another form of adult learning is when it is intentional—directed by a purpose that motivates you out of need, curiosity, or enjoyment. Learn to play the piano, crochet, bake, or swim. Joining a new...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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