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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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The Difficult Work of Prioritizing

All of our formal education, as well as our daily activities after school ends, are primarily single focus. We are good at doing some things while others present us with difficulty. Yes, we can chew gum and walk at the same time. Listen to a podcast while cutting the grass. Drive and daydream. And so on…… But we very rarely can focus simultaneously on two things and do them at the...

Seeing our Clutter

One of the most difficult tasks we have is to see ourselves objectively. Our tendencies, preferences, and habits all seem to be second nature to us. Never visible to us, as we always operate them mindlessly. While not being as self-aware is not an impediment to life, asking more often the question “why did I do this” coupled with “how did I do this” together with...

Summer Replay: The Boring Work of Change

This blog post first appeared on July 11th, 2016 We are romantic in what we dream about, what we will accomplish, and/or what changes need to be made. Our energy goes up, our stories become bigger, and we enjoy when others compliment us on our declared goals. The problem is that the steps to impactful change in our lives hide from others and never accomplish a lot by themselves. Change requires...

The Trap of Emotion

One constant companion in our life is our emotions. Sometimes overpowering while at other times subtly influencing everything we do. Both in positive or hurtful ways depending on the situation. The trap of emotion occurs when we only see and believe what we think in the moment. Where emotion ties us up to the point we can no longer understand any other point of view or possibility. Leaving us...

We Are All Works in Progress

Our path of education leads us to a false conclusion. That as we graduate, from whatever grade from preK through college, we are complete. We know what we need to. The learning stops with the end of our schooling. Life is so much different than these finite milestones of accomplishment. Life challenges us with new situations regularly. Ones that we are not prepared for. Many times, not having the...

What’s In Front of You?

It’s a question we take for granted. Our eyes answer this question every second we are awake. Our physical motion seems so fluid during the day. Never bumping into things. Easily navigating stairs. Driving cars. Walking in a new place for the first time. Physically, we are well equipped to answer this question. For we are always on auto pilot during the day. But mentally, something strange...

The Last Mile of Learning Is Always the Most Difficult

Investopedia defines the last mile as: “The last mile refers to the short geographical distance that must be spanned to provide services to end-user customers.” It typically is the most challenging and costly step in completing deliveries to our houses. Whether we are buying goods from a website or from a local store. If a company does not figure out the steps needed in...

The Difficult Side of Accountability

Recently, I heard the term “accountable” used as a desirable trait for a person to have. Especially when they are working with others. Either on a team, in a board room, or on a project. We all want to work with people who do what they are asked to do, who accept responsibility, and embrace the results – good or bad. Accountability infers that someone will ge the work done. We...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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