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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Choosing between this or that. Spending my time on this NOT that. If you watch any crime investigation series they have a test for identifying almost anything. Priorities are the test that goes way beyond one’s words to see what is in a person’s heart and what they cherish most. Seeing another person’s priorities by their behavior, actions and choices gives us a good idea of who...

Front Row Seats

They are considered very special when we can get them. Concert promoters charge extra to sit in them. When in a classroom, they denote to others that you are serious about listening and learning. Sitting near the baseball field or hockey rink in front row seats brings you close to the players and the action. Sometimes to get front row seats you must get to the head of the line. Being first in a...

The stew of life

As I have gotten older, life itself becomes less certain. Things appear that are now becoming more vivid and bright. Life itself begins to become much richer even though its imperfections become less hidden. Ideas. Beliefs. Philosophies. Dogma. Insights. Blindness. Ego. Humility. Arrogance. Doubt. Certainty. Right. Wrong. Rumors. Gossip. Discussion. Judgments. Praise. Truth. Honesty. Sincerity...

Productive or Effective?

These two words often confused me when I was younger. Productive was the one that I was most familiar with. It had tangible results and immediate gratification. I could tell when I was productive when my list had many things crossed off. Of course, when we are younger we have more energy so it is easy to see why this is so alluring. We want to get so much done. We want to make such an impact...

Becoming Blind

Only once in my life did I experience what life may be like for someone who could not see. I was asked to attend a 4 hour board of director’s meeting for a trade association I am involved with by speaker phone. Who talked the most and dominated the conversation was a surprising perception that I gained from not being in the room to see who was talking. You lose track of some things when...

The false promise of change

You hear it all of the time. If only he or she would change. If only my boss would change. If only the situation at work will change. This new year I am going to change…… The business literature for a while was focused on organizational change and how in most cases it failed. Organizations and people find it difficult to change because both are made up so much of routine and habit. We...

Lean Life

Today I realized that I have never had an idea that was complete. Never had an idea that was finished. Never had an idea that would never change. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? (I am not talking about values but rather ideas.) There are good ideas and not so good ideas. Even good ideas can be improved upon. It is not only the poor ones that could use the help. Ideas linger. Good ones and not...


Consistent in output, temperament, and habit.
Consistent in attention, discipline, and appearance.
Consistent in detail, focus, and energy.
Consistent in interest and caring.
It’s so hard to do this everyday because we are human.
But it’s no excuse not to try.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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