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Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

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Spider webs

Spiders are fascinating. They are easy to notice when crawling on a wall or ceiling in a house. I have seldom been present when they are weaving their web. Spider webs are created to catch things much bigger then they are. They are built to trap. They are built to stop movement of a larger insect. The webs themselves are almost invisible until they collect on a wall. They go from being a...


Comparisons are very useful for some things in our lives. Before buying something expensive we read reviews of different brands, different hotels, or different travel destinations. We easily compare prices on the web every day. Comparisons are useful in chemistry in identifying different compounds by testing for their melting point, boiling point, or colors when separated using different...

A carefree life

No worries, no responsibilities, and no dilemmas. To the days and months ahead where stability, serenity, and a sense of calm will fill all of our remaining days. This is missing today in our lives. We wish these days would soon appear. It sounds so simple. We worked so hard to get there through our many years. It feels so good to dream how we are so deserving. Yet waking up each day we find that...


Recently I was at a party and was talking to some friends. One of them was sharing stories about the years they were in the service. What was fascinating to me was the detail they used to describe their experiences. Driving home later that evening, I was thinking about how many things I do not remember about my past days. My friend’s remembrances of the past seemed so close and real even...


Red flowers. Yellow flowers. Purple flowers. Large ones. Orange ones. Small ones. Bought from a store. Growing wild in a field. Displayed proudly in a yard. They seem to be everywhere. My bride loves flowers. I enjoy bringing her flowers. She loves planting them and watching them grow. My neighbors spend hours in their yard. I spend very little time in ours. I find flowers to be fascinating in...


This is something that we experience a lot in our lives but most times never focus on it. A DJ makes a living mastering sequence. The more you are excited by the sequence of music he plays, the more you think he is very good. To get a driver’s license for the first time you have to go to class, then go for a permit, then take a test, and then get your license. For those that bake, sequence is a...


The popular business press speaks often about failing. It has become almost a romantic end in itself when trying to build a viable business. What is not spoken about are the struggles faced along the way. In our personal lives, we speak continually of struggle. It’s hard to do this or pay for that. There is no time to do what we want. But we never speak of failure. We simply endure in our...


Throughout my life I have been blessed with a good sense of direction when driving. Over the years, in helping my bride with directions she sometimes gets frustrated when they would change from the way she thought we went the last time. My simple answer every time is that “there is always more than one way to get there”. Think closely at the times in your life when you were really...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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