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To be prepared. What a difficult and narrow concept. Taught to us early in life by studying for tests in school. Ingrained in us as necessary when needing to perform well in a race. Or to pass a physical fitness test.

Seeing parents and grandparents cooking and baking for days in anticipation of celebrating holidays with family and friends. The creation of the Chrismas holiday experience by decorating the house for others to enjoy. What magic preparation can create in certain circumstances.

In life, things are never as clear. Nor do they fit as conveniently. It’s impossible to prepare for life’s challenges. We can acquire skills, learn how to gain perspective, ways to be more thorough in how we go about making decisions. Paying attention to how emotional we get in situations can be helpful. For in life there is no real way to prepare other than always being vigilant.

Surprise is a key element of life itself. The unexpected response from a friend. Illness that debilitates us without warning. A random meeting with someone who will change your life as you become friends. A new job offer. The loss of work after years of service. And so on…..

Preparation is an ideal that is very constrained and only helpful when a specific outcome is desired. One where you have control over it. Being prepared is admirable but not important.

What makes more sense is to learn to embrace everything that is new. New learning, opportunities, and challenges that force us to further ourselves. To be more curious and less judgmental. Patient far beyond the urge to immediately react.

And to forgive and love beyond our perceived limits. Celebrating the imperfection in each of us, working together so that tomorrow will be better for both.

Prepare to live life. Yes. Knowing at the start that it always is a very interesting winding road where it can never be perfectly planned for. Where challenges become ours and no one elses. Making our dreams and our journey special to us, to be solved in our own unique way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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