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Perspectives Can Always Change


Hospitals. When younger, it was for the sick. Now that I am older and had a successful surgical procedure, it is a place of hope and life.

The first week on this job, I thought it had so much potential. Sadly after a few months, I realize that I was mistaken.

Cecil was never kind to me. It always seemed like he had it in for me. I honestly didn’t like him. Then one day we were forced to sit together in the company cafeteria during lunch. We ended up having a great conversation about a lot of different topics. He actually likes many of the same things that I do. We’re not as different as I thought. He seems to be a good person.

I have tried so hard to lose weight. Even though I hated exercise I did it. Never ate much. I couldn’t lose 5 pounds no matter what I tried. But then I read a book that explained the different food groups and why carbs, protein, and fat are needed at every meal. Why processed food is so bad for you. How eating nutritionally dense whole food was far better than following a calorie restricted diet. Was I wrong about what needs to be done to lose weight. I wish I found this book sooner. I will never look at food the same way.

Pick your own story. Holding fast to one perspective that then changes over time. It happens to all of us. But how?

New information appears that challenges the perspectives we believe in. Experiences chisel away at our past creating a different today. New people enter our lives, changing them forever. Obstacles now appear that we never thought could happen.

Sometimes changes in our perspective gradually happen over time. Some appear abruptly while others are born out of the self-reflection that loneliness, sadness and struggle forces us to confront.

The question is whether we are awake enough to see a wider world than we live in? Sensitive enough, to hear the meaning of words told to us for our own good? Curious enough, to want to know more? Open enough, to live each day with honesty? Generous enough, to admit our weaknesses? And big enough, to understand that sometimes, we really could be wrong?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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