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Playing the Lottery of Opportunity


The promise of millions that can be won with only investing a few dollars. Dreams that become so real the minute we feel we have the winning lottery ticket in our hand. I admit, I have played it many times.

But what if we looked at our next opportunity as playing the lottery. Every quote, every proposal we send out, every new person we meet are all types of lotteries that we take for granted.

The way to play the lottery of opportunity means that we should try many different ways to get close to an opportunity that you dream of. And then to give it all you have got when that opportunity appears.

Opportunities never reveal themselves when we are alone. They only appear when we are connected to something or someone. It may take years of effort for them to first appear but always involves the acknowledgment of another person or market that gives opportunities their depth.

Playing $2 to win millions is the opposite of what we need to do in life when playing the lottery of opportunity. It takes a lot of work to get to the point where playing the lottery of opportunity will yield some surprising results.

Once an opportunity is found, they will only be present for a short time and then the opportunity will be gone. Leaving us more confident, patient and ready to begin our work again to find the next one.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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