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The power of the sun


Most of us have struggled with this cold, harsh winter in the Midwest. Below zero temps. Snowstorm after snowfall. Cloudy days as the norm.

While walking into a building, with the outside temperature at 13 degrees, I noticed the snow was melting at the edge of the snowbanks. It was a clear bright sunny day. The snow banks were approaching 4 feet. They looked massive and permanent.

Yet there was the water, trickling down onto the sidewalk in the middle of the day. Not a cloud in the sky. The sun, in its majesty, providing warmth without ever telling the thermometer what it was up to.

Seeing the snow melting, albeit in small amounts, was exciting and joyful after the many days of enduring the fierce winter weather. And then I began to think about our lives.

You see our days are sometimes filled with fog. Other times they are filled with clouds. Rain appears, in the form of our tears, that emanate deep from within our soul. And the snow and cold appear in the loneliness of our darkest days.

We see clearly when the sun is by our side. We see far when there are no clouds in the sky. There is never any bad weather when the sun is in plain view.

If you stop for a minute and think, our heart is filled too many times with the same fog, clouds, rain, and snow.

Clarity in our life brings the sun’s power into our days. Like a long distance runner, having a clear idea of where we both stand and want to go, makes enduring the race so much easier.

Clarity chases away the clouds in our life and reminds us that the sun is always present above the fog, clouds, rain and snow. That as seasons pass, life changes as well right before our eyes if we are patient.

We need to appreciate a sunny day for reminding us of the clarity we need to cultivate within ourselves to make our days, hearts and journey so much brighter.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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