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We boast from the mountain top “these are my goals”. You tell others that you are in control. It’s a piece of cake. My goals will be fulfilled because I told you what they are. We have been told that goal setting is a very productive thing to do. At work as well as at home.

And then things happen. Someone wants something done. The report is due tomorrow. The kids need to get to their ballgame. I need to go for a haircut. When will I buy the groceries?

We forget that we really don’t have much time in our day. Our lives begin to pass quickly as we age. We forget that to reach a goal we can’t do what we want. We must do what is needed. We forget that we don’t learn very quickly and that it’s really hard to change our behaviors and our habits. We forget that there will be obstacles and that there will be constraints.

Goals. Great stuff made up of empty promises. Nothing happens when you say it.

Goals may make you happy because they imply direction but they don’t confirm action. Your choices will be needed to confirm it. There can be no direction without choice.

As you focus on the one or two important things in your life your day will begin to open up. Time will begin to slow down as your life begins to flow. Small steps because each one of us has so many things to do each day. Everything takes so much time.

There is no finish line when living your life. No fireworks when you arrive. Only the joy of fresh air with a smile in your heart knowing that you made it in spite of the difficulties you overcame while on the journey.



Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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