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Problem Solving Requires Two Sided Solutions


We problem solve every day. This happens. That crops up. There is always something to solve.

Our approach to problems is as if they are one sided. What I mean by this is that we look at problems as if they stand alone because they are “outside of ourselves”. As if they are a chair that simply needs a leg replaced.

We fail to recognize that there is always a human interface component when solving a problem. Our rush to solve something usually misses exploring the human interface between problem and problem solver . How we, as individuals, interact with the problem and the solution. Organizations as well need to be sensitive to this same human/problem interface on a larger scale.

Web developers get this. They call it user experience. Their emphasis on design clearly makes their solutions stronger and more effective. Again, design worries about the human interface with the object. Good design makes this interface seamless.

Yes, we could fix objects alone. But most times, there will need to be a second change, coming from a different direction to make a solution more effective. Sometimes we must change our thinking. Other times, we need to train or educate someone using an object in a different way to realize the solution we are seeking.

Two sided solutions take more thought to design and then implement. The upside of demanding a two sided solution is that we can diminish the frustrations that will occur during the implementation of a solution to a problem.

Quit rushing to fix “the problem”. Take a few minutes to consider how humans (your family, friends or co-workers depending on the problem you are solving) will interact with the solution you propose. Make adjustments as needed prior to implementing. Making your solution more effective and long-lasting because of the work you put in thinking about it up front.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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