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How Quickly Do Things Change?


All of us set goals, have dreams, and confront difficult situations. What is common to all of them is a vivid description of the future we seek. Our emotions, frustrations, and ego all are wrapped up in what we want to have happen.

Seeing things change enough to realize something different and new is never clearcut or easy. This work is not like painting a room a different color over a weekend.

What I find interesting when seeking change, is how gradual it appears and how much effort you need to start the wheels turning towards it. Especially when it involves working with others.

Finding the patience to persevere, when things don’t look like they are moving in the direction we seek, is the secret ingredient needed when obstacles seem the greatest against what we inspire to do.

Or simply when our goals and dreams are so big that they need a lifetime to appear.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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