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Rainy Days


Rainy days are dreary. The gray skies drain our energy before our day even starts. Walking in the rain never has the same appeal as the romance of dancing in it. Plans get spoiled. Rainy days sometimes just make us want to do nothing all day.

What we miss are the flowers standing tall with a look of freshness about them during the rain. Or the green grass that no longer looks brown. The air itself smells cleaner. Why, if our car is left outside, it may actually look cleaner once the rain ends.

Two different views in the same day. One that is so depressing versus another where you can feel the optimism or see its beauty.

Rainy days appear out of nowhere. Right after a blue sky or a quiet night. And then they disappear, as quickly, on their own.

What goes unnoticed on rainy days is that we are the same person on this day as all of the sunny days that came before. As well as on the day after. For rainy days are never within our control.  What we do during them is.

It’s something interesting to think about, the next time a rainy day appears.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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