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It’s a word that appears in our lives more than we realize. Our emotions are a reaction to something we hear, see or feel. Anger pushes us past our disatisfaction. An email causes us to stop what we are doing to answer.

What we forget, is that we initiate our reaction. Not others. Nor a situation. Yet we never feel in control. It’s as if our reaction has a life of its own. Guided by our subconscious and who we are. Never giving much thought to why we react the way we do in most circumstances.

All of us have known someone who seems to thrive on drama in their lives. Where they feed off of the energy of their reaction to whatever. Those that are short-tempered, Irrational. Unreasonable. Always consumed by the adrenalin of their reactions to things that they cannot easily control.

Days go by quickly. Filled so much with our reactions, that we have little time left to invest our efforts in anything that will complete more things on our to do list. Leaving little time for us to focus on things that, if completed, would make us happy.

Some would argue that we should invest our efforts in completing our to do list.

Never realizing that it might be simpler to work at better controlling or suspending our reactions to things around us so that we can see more clearly and have more time to work on what is meaningfully in front of us beginning each new day.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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