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Our reflection


It recently occurred to me that we aren’t very good at seeing our reflection. Whether in a mirror or from the surface of a quiet lake, our reflection really isn’t confined to these few things or our phone.

Most people have poor eyesight when it comes to seeing their reflection in others. It is the most direct one-on-one feedback that a person can provide you with, unfiltered and unbiased, if we choose to see.

If you see conflict, bitterness, and stress around you in others you come in contact with often—- could it be that is what you are sharing or creating within them?

If you see worry and uneasiness when a situation is difficult — could it be that is what others see in you?

If you aren’t included — could it be that you too do not include?

If you are alone — could it be that you leave others to be alone?

Leaders have, in some respects, a more direct feedback loop. The effectiveness of their leadership, insecurities, biases, and ultimately who they are are seen in the faces of those that they are entrusted to lead. Followers are even less patient in hiding who you are. But do you listen?

We aspire to love unconditionally. We aspire to be connected, wanted, and alive.

To have these things abundantly in our life we must tirelessly connect, include and want others, and be alive with hope, patience, and love when dealing with others.

Our reflection in others tells us how far we have yet to go.

If only we could see it in the fog of our daily lives.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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