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Respecting The Other Person


I have struggled for a few days now, to find the words to share some thoughts around respecting the other person. Showing respect is a phrase that seems to have faded since my youth.

Working side by side with my employees over the past few weeks for a few hours at a time, I was reminded of not only the amount of work they did but also with their spirit, smile and willingness to put in long hours to meet the seasonal needs of our customers.

The feeling that keeps reappearing within me is that I truly respect what they do. Not for my self-interest but rather with their work ethic and participation for the good of our team.

Contrast this feeling, with the amplification of the dysfunction in the world when listening or watching the news. Of casual conversation with friends that are quick to judge others without knowing them well. Negativity has become our new life currency. Social media has become fertile ground for sharing with the world everything that is wrong with it.

So I have become curious with the question of “what happens if I approach each person in my life Initially with respect”? For who they are? Persons who have the right to their opinion even if it is different than mine. Understanding that they are surviving their struggles as much as I mine.

Would we become more tolerant of others if respecting the other person came first? Could it make us more curious to first actively listen before judging?

You see, respecting the other person, goes far beyond their position and accomplishments in life. It’s a way to help us start on the same ground. Next to each other as equals. Giving us the possibility of real connection without society’s noise or foolish tendencies.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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