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Our sadness


Nothing exhibits how fragile our lives are as when we are sad. Our lives go dim, with our every breath, when sadness is present.

Sadness becomes a magnifying glass into our lives where imperfections (in ourselves and others) become crisper, sharper, seemingly more understood and much more intolerable. Where situations become too heavy to carry. When tomorrow looks no better than today.

Do you see how one sentence led to the next? How the words filled up our bag of reasons for feeling the way we do at this moment?

It happens to all of us now and then. It’s simply part of life.

Sadness is both blinding and suffocating for it never allows us to look past it. When sad, it appears that a brighter future will never exist. Conflict has energy when present. Sadness only has defeat and retreat within it.

No blood test, no doctor, and no health monitoring device can sense sadness. It is only our heart that knows well its presence together with our silence to those around us.

Friends, your real special ones, become the best antidote for sadness. They listen. They hug, They can even make you laugh.

Refocusing your time is another great way to lessen sadness’ burden. Volunteer, spend time doing something different than you normally do to loosen the single minded focus that sadness traps us into.

Exercise is another great way to see for yourself that there is no physical harm to you when sad. Walking, running, swimming, yoga or whatever reminds us how alive (and free) we really are.

Sadness appears to last much longer than a smile. Where it deceives us, is in thinking that it will never disappear. Over time, it always does.

Be kind to those that are sad.

Be hopeful when you are sad, always looking for things to be thankful for in our lives.

Good things do exist in each of our lives.

Sadness covers them in ways that always mislead us.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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