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Seeing our choices


I find that this is one of the most difficult things in life. To see our choices.

You see we choose everyday. Over and over. What we pay attention to. Who we call. Where we go. Who we associate with. What we read. What we eat. What we ignore. What we get involved in. Where we spend our time. Who we spend our time with.

We always defend our choices by looking outside of ourselves. That was a priority. It was important for me to do. This person made me feel good. It’s what I like to do. That was too hard for me to stay with it. That didn’t interest me.

All very good reasons.

At the core, everything we do is still our choice.

What we rarely ask is was our choice a good one? Not why did we make that choice? Was that choice a good one?

When we answer the question why, we answer in a defensive way that makes our choice logical and kind to our ego.

To answer the question as to whether or not our choice was a good one, we need to look at where our choice “took us”. In order to do this, we need to step back and see our choices. Where they started from, how they evolved, and where we are today because of them.

None of us will always choose right. This is how some of the misdirection in our lives occurs. Bad choices take us in different directions that we never intended them to.

People who never see their choices and look from afar as to where their choices took them always get stuck in a rut. They continue to live with the same struggles and frustrations because they can never see where their choices have lead them. And so, they continue to choose in the same way.

People, whose lives evolve and grow have a much more developed skill at seeing their choices and deciding if they were good ones or not. They continually adapt, change, and pivot quickly when they first realize that their choices took them in an unintended direction.

The conflict within ourselves occurs when we begin to see our choices and refuse to choose differently. In the short term, choosing to change is very difficult.

In times like this, think of the long term to begin to see the benefits of both seeing your choices and deciding to choose differently in the days to come.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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