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Seeing more is a direct consequence of trying or learning new things. It is an outcome that occurs by doing things instead of thinking about things. I have found that it always brings some additional perspective to the work I am trying to complete.

Seeing more is an important tool to help ground us. We easily say we want this or that, but it is only when we put in the work to get to this or that where we find things we always miss when simply thinking about the end result.

While continuing to work on our branding project, I spent the week setting up our social media accounts with our new brand. Our company has not been very active in social media to this point. My “seeing more” moment was with seven accounts/platforms (a combination of) I will need some other tool to see them grouped together showing the activity in each of them.

Why? Social media demands interaction. That is what occurs when we are gathered together socially. There is conversation. Not speeches. Not declarations. But conversation. I now realize I need a tool that would make this easier for either I, or my team, to respond to all engagement in a timely manner.

It surprised me to see this, as I knew that I had not given any thought to the question as to how I would interact, in a timely manner, across all of these accounts. It was only by doing the work that I began to see more.  I came to realize that having the social media accounts set up, is far less the challenge. than bringing them to life through daily interaction with others.

The mistake that I see made often, is that we place such a huge emphasis on what we want to accomplish, that our end results are so poor because we do not want to put in the work up front in order to see more. We simply get frustrated and stop.

Trusting the process of putting in the work, is a fundamentally easy way to minimize your risk of making a huge mistake over time. By doing this, we can increase the odds of being successful in achieving what we hope to accomplish.

How does seeing more do this?  It allows you to adjust, evolve, and adapt to make your outcome or solution to a problem, or realizing the goal you set out to achieve that much stronger and more effective.

Giving you more time in the long run, to once again, begin something new.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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