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Seeing the Reflection of Life in Death


The death of a loved one is never easy. Their absence fills our life with tears, silence, and great loneliness. For the deceased, there is no longer any rush, responsibilities or worries. New clothes, gadgets or interests no longer define them.

Death brings clarity to what is meaningful in life. Unfortunately the tears in our eyes, together with the pain in our heart, steals us of the opportunity to learn more about life itself when confronted with the death of a loved one.

While taking many forms, death always has us as companions in the journey. For loved ones who struggle with their health, our paths are filled with sacrifice, patience and love as we try to help in whatever ways we can. A sudden death throws others into the arms of their family and friends trying to make sense of what just happened.

Death brings those around the deceased closer. Possibly appearing after a long absence. Using a hug and tears to teach us how central connection is and should be in our lives. No phone or computer screen can give us the feeling and reassurance that a hug can. Reminding us to never take each other’s presence in our lives for granted.

Approaching a casket to pay our respects, gives birth to feelings possibly never shared with others. Maybe regret for what we said or how we treated the deceased. Sadness for the laughter we will no longer hear. Companionship lost filling our days with emptiness. Words never spoken that were meant to be shared.

Goals, priorities, schedules, and social media lose their shine when death invades our daily routines. What we miss during these sad times, phones can never replace.

Life truly is a mystery. One that we can never touch but always feel. Defying explanation, life is always amplified through connection. Bringing forth laughter, meaning, and love when we look past each others idiosyncracies to see the good in each one of us. Using patience, respect, and faith to see past our differences into the same world we all yearn for together.

Then grasping life with every chance we get, knowing now what we know. Even when it’s most difficult. For some day, life will end for us as well. Making it imperative to make the most of each day we can share.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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