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Seeing tomorrow while living today


As I have travelled down life’s many roads, I find it more and more necessary to see tomorrow while living today. What does this mean?

To accomplish anything, you have to have some idea of what you want your tomorrow to look like. Otherwise you drift, you get stuck in a rut, and time quickly passes. No matter how small the desired goal, you must first see it before you will be able to work towards it.

In seeing my tomorrow, I now see clearly that, most times, I am not well prepared today to “get there”.

At the most basic level, seeing my tomorrow becomes a new challenge to add to my large list of things I must do today. My today list already includes things I promised before that I would do. Things that I am responsible for between both family and work.

At an advanced level, most times I don’t have the knowledge or resources yet, that I need, to succeed and live the tomorrow I see.

I don’t have the money or enough time right now to succeed. I don’t have the network or the connections to get to my tomorrow. I may not know yet (completely) how to even get to my tomorrow. Others may not see what I see in my tomorrow and present me with other unexpected obstacles in my journey towards my tomorrow.

In looking back, I have come to realize that my today is filled with knowledge, networks, trials, connections, and acceptance that I did not have a few short years before.

It is only when I finally realized this, that I gained the hope that whatever is missing today, to reach the tomorrow I see, I can acquire with the same patience, time, curiosity, trial and effort that brought me here to this today on the way to the different tomorrow that I now see.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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