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Seeking depth


Depth is a concept we don’t think about much unless we are digging a hole. Photographers are continually aware of depth-of-field which describes how much of the objects in a picture are in focus from the front of it to the back of it.

When first learning how to swim, one of the biggest accomplishments you achieve, is being able to swim in the deep end of a pool. There, it is not as easy to give up, and when first learning to swim, it is the region of the pool where we face our greatest fears.

As I’ve aged, seeking depth has become a hidden tool for me that I now continually use. This depth is different from describing a hole and more certain then swimming in the deep end of a pool for the first time.

Depth is defined, by me, as the exploration and discovery of new things related within a narrow space or area. Where the reaction is not to wander and go wider but to stay more focused and go further into a specific area, relationship, or project.

It seems counter intuitive, at first, to think that staying more focused and targeted won’t lead you to getting “stuck”. But it doesn’t. Why? Because as we discover more things about a person in a relationship, specific knowledge about the technical aspects of a new program, machine, or process we continue to learn new things.

Our nature is to rush, conquer quickly, and move on. Social media has given us multiple channels to practice this type of behavior daily. The downside of this approach is shallow or incomplete understanding. We unintentionally accept more risk when we make a decision using this approach without ever knowing it. We stereotype a person before ever getting to know them. We give up too quickly thinking that what little we know is all that there is to know.

I now try to go deeper by doing one more thing, learning one more thing, reading one more book, questioning what I am missing within something that seems obvious, making one more phone call, saying thank you one more time, or trying one more way to do something than I ever have in my life.

Slowly, I am evolving (by surprise as this was not planned) into being more thorough, more thoughtful, more strategic, and more intentional in many aspects of my life. Ironically, I find myself completing more things than I used to by using depth as a tool.

Seeking depth in everything I do (that is important to me) is slowly becoming a stronger habit that I have come to enjoy.

Care to join me?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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