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It is hidden from sight. Yet prominent in outcomes. It can be a silent killer when absent and gold when considered first before acting. While appearing selfish, self-control is what makes us more effective both with things we seek ourselves as well as when working with others.

The problem with self-control is that we never stop to consider it when it is most needed. Emotion, ego, temptation and laziness hide its presence from our being when we are out of control.

The argument, the pint of extra rich ice cream, the sudden outburst, the extreme disappointment we don’t know how to handle, the family situation that resembles taffy with no clear solution, a health scare first heard, no end in sight, can’t stand something any more, it has been too long in our lives, and we are frustrated,………….The list never ends.

Millions are made by people who want to put a band-aid on our lack of self-control, convincing us that their easy solution will change us quickly. They focus on one small outcome that hides the root cause. Developing self-control is a life long journey and not a simple day’s work.

Self-control is very, very difficult. Even for the most disciplined.  Understanding this is the missing first step to improving our self-discipline each and every day for better personal and professional outcomes over time. I promise.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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