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When learning or doing something new, I continue to be fascinated as to how long it truly takes to settle in. What I mean by this, is where you can do this new thing by more of a feel than by thought.

So many times I have had people explain things to me that I thought I understood but did not have the feel for what they were teaching me. The result of this was poor results. It never worked the way it was shown to me the first time. I kept running up against dead ends because I did not do something properly or skipped a step.

This is one reason why we need to be persistent. To not give up. While it could be that external conditions or situations are against us, I have found more times than not, that it was me. I just wasn’t either good or comfortable enough yet to use what I had been taught effectively.

So never give up. Most learning takes time, context, and practice. That is why we always must give ourselves time to settle in before becoming frustrated. It could mean the difference between moving forward or staying stuck.

Ironically, when we are in the middle of muddling through while we try to learn something better it feels like we are stuck. In reality, it is just the opposite in that we are actually moving forward by having the courage to try and learn different things that we believe will help us reach our goals if only we would give ourselves the proper time to settle in to use the new learned tools effectively.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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