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The silence of follow through


At the party we boast how we will do this or that. In the meeting with 5 others we were confident that it would get done. On the phone, amidst the many stories, we shared that we wanted to do this or that.

The voice of “wanting to do” is loud. It’s exciting. Just saying it makes us feel so good. Others agreed with us that “it” was good to do. No conflict. Smooth sailing. The “end” is crystal clear.

But something strange happens. Everyone leaves and we are left by ourselves. The spotlights are turned off and the stage hands have gone home. The seats in the theater are now empty with only the janitor sweeping the floors.

No one is left but only us. By ourselves. The next morning comes and quickly disappears into the night. This pattern repeats itself until our first week quickly becomes a memory.

Where is “the end” that we boasted about doing? It was so clear and achievable a week ago when we said it. Why did it disappear so quickly before the first dawn?

Doing and getting things done are not friends of either the spotlight or the loud voice that is heard above the crowd. They walk in the silence of our lives.

Follow through is so shy yet so necessary to bring the “doing” and getting things done. It always happens after we say what “we will do” and is almost never seen by others.

Our weakness comes in not spending more time with follow through in the silence of our lives. We become enamored by our loud voice and the spotlight created by another person’s confirmation. We become misguided that what “we will do” will become real. Without us doing anything.

Many times we never do what we say we will do in public. Plant the tomatoes that you told us you wanted to do so badly. Buy the bicycle you said you always wanted to ride. These moments will only happen during the silence of your follow through. There is no other way.

Follow through needs to be your stronger muscle. Not once, but often, while remembering clearly what we said before the silence appeared.

If only we can be focused and disciplined enough to regularly use it.

To then smile proudly, that we made the most of our days by using the silence in our life, and its friend follow through, to make more of what we said come true.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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