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Six Things to Think About Before Beginning Your Day


What should I focus on first? Where will the work I put in today have the most impact?

Remember to take care of your health. The passage of time makes this conversation much more important. Failing health, at any age, makes things much more difficult.

Always seek clarity. Clarity is so hard to realize in seeing ourselves or understanding situations/problems. For it is only through perspective and context, will we more clearly see and better decide what needs to be done next.

Seek larger worlds than the ones we live in today. For our worlds are much too small. Where our larger problems would be smaller and much more manageable if we knew more and understood different ways of handling them from those with more experience.

Putting in the work is the most ignored tactic available to all of us when seeking either progress or change.

Today’s choices will be a very important determinant of the future we will face tomorrow.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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