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Small Words That Always Change Our Direction


The focus on storytelling, in many facets of our life, is now common place. We tells stories to justify how we act. Stories to push an idea or project. Stories are used to market a product or service. Why we even create stories in our minds to help us explain why others act the way they do.

As a writer, over these last eight years, I have learned how to craft sentences and paragraphs so that they are coherent and make sense. What is not obvious, is how small words can change our story or thinking in a whole different direction. Choosing our small words can make so much difference in where we end up.

A simple yes or no. Try using each of them in a sentence. How strange they feel when asked to use both over the same issue. Even the tone in our voice changes depending on whether we are using yes or no.

Who? What? Why? When? are also very directional. Taking us from one focus to another. The power of one small word giving us the opportunity to change topics as well as answers. Even as they relate to the same circumstance.

If? And? Or? dances with possibility where none currently exists. Small words that encourage us to explore. Taking us away from our current thinking into thoughts never considered.

But? Can’t? Won’t? Small words that carry a heaviness and discouragement in their tone. Stopping us from pursuing a direction we have chosen. Pushing us to find another way or to simply give up before completing our journey.

These twelve small words push us in directions we never truly think about when we choose them. For they all send us in pretty much specific directions. Hiding their power for we are consumed only with our answers to them and not why we chose the small words we tend to use regularly.

Frame of mind, outlook on life, and attitude can all be changed depending on what small words we regularly use. Positivity. possibility and even negativity can be influenced by our small words. So choose them carefully along the way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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