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Some Traps When We Say”I Know What to Do”


Believing that you know what to do has no relation to understanding what is necessary to do to be more effective. There are always new things we can learn so that we improve. For certainty is the death of personal growth.

We give ourselves too much credit that we always know what to do and we place too much blame on others and “life” when we are so certain that what we chose to do will work and doesn’t.

> Our thinking and our thoughts work much like a spider & its web. Full of movement in building our web, we feel the energy of our thoughts throughout the day. But I have found many times that our thinking is faulty, our assumptions poor, our conclusions rushed, and our certainty delusional. Much like the spider’s web, we trap ourselves without ever knowing it. Either we get stuck in our thoughts and defiant at anyone’s challenge or we stop moving because we think there is no more to learn.

We don’t take time to think think through other possibilities, points of view, or options. We are so certain of what there is & what we know, that we convince ourselves there can be no other way. We have no alignment in our lives. Only extremes and absolutes, randomly assembled throughout our days, building our flawed thinking.

When I hear people who are frustrated with their lives, their jobs, their homes, I look to see if they ever question their behavior, actions, or thinking at all. Sadly, I rarely see any self-reflection. Never do I see any personal adjustment. Which leads to no personal growth or change in circumstance.

This makes me sad. For we all have the potential to be and do so much more.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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