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Someday is a very safe word that we use from time to time. It has no limitations nor expectations. It appears to validate our seemingly forward thinking perspectives. Someday is one of the most dangerous words we can say.

Why is that?

Life passes quickly. Weeks go by as days. Months as weeks. Years as months. Seeing the last days of my mom’s life, reminded me of how fast things change. How life turns into memories much too quickly.

Someday has an eternal life for every time we say it, the word has no bounds. We are comforted by using the word someday but are deceived into thinking that what will happen on that day will never appear.

Today is where things always begin to happen. Never on someday.

You deserve much more from life. What is required is your attention to see the need to try something today that is different and new. Without knowing the outcome nor being able to judge the possibility of success. We need to find the urgency in our lives that will reject the comfort of someday.

Don’t let someday turn into the phrase “I wish I had done” this or that.

The comfort of someday can quickly degrade into disappointment for our lives pass much too quickly before we realize that time has run out to experience so much more.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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