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Sometimes, Being Counter-Intuitive is Best


Our intuition becomes powerful as we continue to collect experiences in our life by each day. Routines create patterns that become internalized as both safe and productive.

Media and popular thinking flood our attention with what, we are told, is accurate thinking. Only to hear, story after story, of the prevalence of fake news.

Our instincts tell us to do what we believe, while quietly our intuition gets built. Without ever questioning our intuition. Is this always the right course? Not necessarily.

Just look at some examples where doing the opposite of what our intuition and logic suggests can be more effective.

To write better, use fewer words instead of more words. Take words out of your paragraph instead of adding paragraphs.

To lose weight, you need to eat more, not less, to help speed up your metabolism so that you can more easily lose weight.

To move past an argument with another person, say your sorry instead of trying to win so that it becomes easier to get past the emotions of the moment into a safer area filled with more honesty.

And so on.

You see, it is worth exploring what is counter-intuitive to do, in order to find a better way to be more effective. Especially when your intuition influences your choices and action that then lead to the same poor results.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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