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Sparkles in Life Are Within Each of Us Every Day


Too much of our focus in life is a combination of “getting ahead” or “simply keeping up”. Our lists are long. Schedules tight. Responsibilities many. With an occasional party for us to mistakenly pack all of our joy for the week into its brief existence.

We turn to buying things or binging on things (food, alcohol, TV) to help us forget or to simply cope with what faces us. Much of which does not bring us joy but only stress and worry. No one is immune to this type of pressure for it is a part of our modern lives.

But what we miss, until we are too old to see, that sparkles can bring joy into our hearts to reach, touch, and most importantly feel every day of our lives. If we let them. Once we begin to understand where they are. While beginning to enjoy them for the simplicity they dance with.

What are sparkles that can bring us joy? Human Connection. Laughter. Empathy. Gratitude. Compassion. Love. Interest. Presence, Friendship, Sharing Personal Stories – Talents – or Crafts, Companionship, Understanding, Possibility, Hope, Trust, Faith, Health, Patience, or Caring. All capital letters. For all of them are important pathways to joy.

To be happy, content, and balanced. A worthy pursuit never described nor boosted on social media.

Joy is fleeting or short-lived when it comes to a party. A song or dance ends shortly after it begins as well as the next drink. But what is deep in your heart remains. It can be nurtured and taught to allow feelings to enter into it. Yes, even within our busy schedules and responsibilities. To begin to cherish and celebrate the small moments in our day. Sparkles are everywhere once we understand where to find them.

Our parents and grandparents were quite skilled in finding the sparkles in their day that brought them joy. With far less technology. In many cases less education. Sadly a skill, now with a diminished presence in younger generations because there is too much noise in our day and too much to do.

Technology has distracted us. Fooling us into thinking it is the only answer. But if we look hard enough, we can begin to see there is so much more to life that we are missing. If only we took more time to focus on things we cannot see.

Find the sparkles in your day that create “amazing” through things you cannot touch but only feel. Then take a breath and feel joy in what you just shared and experienced. Each day through a lifetime. For with every breath, there is a new opportunity for us to find and share joy again and again.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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