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Starting Over for More Growth


Growth requires new knowledge that changes your perspective in some ways. New knowledge sometimes comes to us in small pieces and other times, when in the right situation, attacks us with the force of a strong river current.

More times than not, I find that what we are doing today or how we are setup at this moment will not work going forward based on the new knowledge we have learned.

So change, with the hope of growth, always demands us to start over. Because everything breaks every time we try to grow. Every time we understand new things. It’s hard to stand still and do nothing when what you have just read or heard can make more things possible.

While this may seem intuitive to those in organizations, it applies equally as well in our personal lives. We may have unsuccessfuly tried four diets, but now that we understand the role sugar and carbs play in causing to gain weight, we need to start over and now choose foods to eat in a different way.

Now that we understand a situation must better, we need to start over and rebuild trust between us after we foolishly attacked the other person for being at fault when they really were not.

Starting over is a strength that many perceive as a weakness.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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