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Staying Active


There is a lot to be said for staying physically active. The popular press and countless blogs continue to share the message how staying physically active is important for continued good health.

Staying active in other areas of our life, by doing a little bit every day is a great way to make sustained progress. Forget about winning the lottery. Grinding it out each day is what will bring you closer to your goals.

Life isn’t so easy, though. We can be frustrated when trying to stay active. Our results will be disappointing because our frustration can bubble over to anger making our efforts more confused and less effective.

We can be tired and try to stay active. Again, we won’t do it with any enthusiasm which means most likely we will miss something. We just can’t focus because of our exhaustion.

When we wake up in the morning all we can think about is the many days of disappointments. Yet we try to stay active on this same morning, but our belief of failure, before we start, sabotages any of our efforts during the day.

It is so simple yet so difficult to deeply believe that the attitude we bring to the littlest of chores will affect our work substantially without us even realizing it. Beginning each day with enthusiasm can change your outcomes.

Frustration, being tired, and focusing only on our disappointments are all within our control to change. Yes, it’s true, the outcomes of our efforts on any day are never guaranteed. Why stack the deck against you when you have the ability to put more things in your favor before trying?

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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