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Stories As Connectors


Much of our days are filled with the seriousness of life. Schedules, responsibilities, problems, and demands. Worry and uncertainty can consume us. Our calendars are filled with outcomes and outputs we need to achieve. Organized into lists under the name of productivity.

Social media posts share snapshots of our life, thoughts, or opinions. Emails and texts replace our own voice as a new style of communication. Photography of the present moment and shared shouts out to the world “look at me” and that “I am here”.

Mistakenly we justify all of these digital things as tools to connect. But do they? All are one-sided. There is no interaction in the present moment when the attempt to connect is made. Leaving only seconds, not minutes or hours, to craft a short response. Weakened by its brevity. Sterile for its lack of visible emotion.

But what of our stories? The times we are together when laughter and tears flow freely. Where there are no comparisons. No awareness of imperfection. Neither outcomes nor outputs are ever considered. Where laughter and tears crowd out everything fake about us to allow us to be real, vulnerable & alive. Making authenticity and connection a powerful force in our lives during these rich moments when being ourselves.

It’s our stories shared where we find the commonality within our humanity. Our stories connect us when we take the time to listen without judgment. To share without fear. To let the present moment of our voices connect us without time ever getting in the way. Letting our spontaneous laughter and tears affirm our deepening connection between us. Making time stop for us to enjoy the moment.

Whether with family, friends, and even professional groups (i.e. work or non-profit meetups), stories can help build an underlying unity of trust, compassion, and personal serenity by giving us the opportunity to not hold everything in. Our stories shared connect us to each other. In ways that social media, electronic communication, and calendars never will.

Cherish these moments when we share stories with each other in person. Create space and intention for these stories to occur in spite of the demands of our busy lives. For it’s in the laughter and tears, created out of our stories, where we experience the beauty of life itself for us to enjoy.

Making these special moments freely available to all.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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