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Stories We Tell Ourselves


It’s impossible to be objective when we tell our stories. They come from within us. Our stories are an end product of our experiences, beliefs, insecurities, and hope mixed together into something that we believe to be true.

Our stories convince us that our motives are good, our actions are justified and that only we understand what is true. Left by themselves, we can easily get misguided and do.

How we act, in many situations, is determined in large part by the stories we tell ourselves. Our stories can imprison us during difficult times. I am down and out because of what others did or because that happened.

We need to be very careful with the stories we tell ourselves because most likely a different one can be crafted for the situation that surrounds us at the moment.

I find that broader experiences naturally change our stories. We can see things through a wide angle lens that begins to show that there can be more than one ending or that if you were to assume differently the story would change.

All of us spend little time asking ourselves if there could be a different story written given the context of the situation we are immersed in at the present. Because it is so hard to instantly broaden our experiences, slowing down to challenge our own stories can be very helpful.

When our stories begin to change (i.e. not always being the victim) our choices will begin to change. Maybe our behavior or attitude will change towards a given situation. There will be movement in our lives that lead us to different outcomes.

Not all of us write but all of us tell ourselves stories. Continue with caution by remembering to change the channels of your life now and then to begin to be exposed to new stories that you did not even know were possible while you are convincing yourself that you are always right.

Because you’re not. I am not. And that’s guaranteed because both of us are human.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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