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Summer Replay: Our Hearts Are Not Meant to Be Full


[This is a piece I wrote in June 2015. Hope you enjoy it!]

Complaining never changes anything. Why do we complain?

“I don’t like this or that” a person many utter. Why do we say that?

We look fidgety, uncomfortable, and disturbingly quiet. What makes us this way?

We are generous & forgiving offering others our help. What pushes us to do this?

We brag and boast through our social media posts. What makes us do this?

These are all outward manifestations of what is bottled up inside of us. What is deep in our hearts that must be released so that our heart doesn’t break.

Our hearts are shy and more resilient than we think. But they have a limited tolerance for keeping things within them. They are most strong and effective when they are not full.

Both complaining and generosity share in the fact they come from our hearts being full of either negative or positive thoughts. If we truly believe in helping others, our hearts unload so that they are not as full by having us be more generous. If we truly don’t like this or that, our hearts again unload by having us complain uncontrollably.

You see life is pretty simple. Our heart needs some space for it to be most effective.

When our hearts are not as full we can find space, peace and rest.

Very necessary in order to prepare for the next events that are about to happen in our life.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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