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Summer Replay: Thank You


[This was a blog post I wrote in November 2013.

I hope you like it as much as I did when writing it and now discovering it again for the first time.]

For asking how I am

and enjoying being with me.

For sharing God’s love when life became confusing

For telling me to let go to uncover what was hidden

For laughing at me thinking how crazy at times I can be.

For telling me why I am wrong when blinded

For waiting to hear what I learned from my mistakes

For not judging me when things didn’t appear the way they should be.

For showing me that there can always be “different”

For helping me become stronger by watching me swim

For listening when things didn’t seem simple

For giving me rest when rough waters invaded my sea.

For making me travel to new places to see new things that could be

For enjoying who is hidden inside of me

For letting me live my life unfolded

For accepting me for who I am and not who you wanted me to be.

For holding my hand when words were poor tools

For giving me a hug when that was all I could see.

For connecting things I didn’t understand

For being honest even when you knew it might hurt

For reminding me it should never be about me.

For cheering me on to make it happen

While waiting for me to grow

Always reminding me how simple things can be.

Like flowers hidden in a garden

Unfolding through time on their journey

Discovering together how beautiful life truly can be.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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