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What Do You Do With Your Knowledge?

We are all different in many ways. We hear this all of the time. One of the more subtle differences between individuals is what they do with their knowledge. I find that people do one of four things with their knowledge: They store it and call on it in conversation simply to help someone understand something better. They use it in conversation to make themselves feel good by demonstrating that...

Finding Impact

I always have had a hard time with to do lists. Easy to fill. But hard to see what really needs to get done. What is busy work versus what would help me move forward in my life? It’s fun filling them out, for it feels like everything is now in front of you and is crystal clear. Frustrated by my lack of judgment with respect to what is really important, I started to write down one to do list...

Our Resume

Recently, someone had come to me with their problems in finding a new job. They are smart, have a few years working at the same company, and they were looking for their next assignment to be a challenging one. After four or five interviews, there still was no traction.  I asked to see their resume and found it to be lacking.  There was way too much detail and not enough of a unified story...

Setting Up For Something New

So many times we have an idea of what we want to get done. Sometimes we even can identify the tools we need. But how will we change our routine to use the new tools to get things done? How will we structure our time to learn and use the new tools so that they bring us leverage? How must our focus change to gain leverage from the new tools we will use to get something new done? What is now...

Feeling Entitled

There is hardly a more lonely and deceiving place to be when you feel entitled. When you expect things to go a certain way or people to decide a certain way simply because it’s you. Without realizing it, once you believe that you are entitled, all of your systems shut down. You tend to float through your days feeling that there are no consequences for whether you perform or not. All...

Off time

Off time can be very valuable in our lives. Maybe today it’s only an hour. Next week a day. Next quarter a weekend. Or simply going to sleep early when you realize you can’t accomplish anything more today. As busy as our schedules are, off time is so important to both relax and re-group. There is so much that we are concerned about. Schedules to keep. Messages that keep distracting us...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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