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Our Resume

Recently, someone had come to me with their problems in finding a new job. They are smart, have a few years working at the same company, and they were looking for their next assignment to be a challenging one. After four or five interviews, there still was no traction.  I asked to see their resume and found it to be lacking.  There was way too much detail and not enough of a unified story...

Being Responsibly Direct

One thing humans are good at is telling stories. Both to themselves and others. Sometimes they are based on fact, other times on their dreams, and many times based on their assumptions. The stories we tell ourselves have common themes. Why someone is acting the way they are. Declaring what will surely happen if something is decided on. What stopped us from succeeding. Why a situation won’t...

Hearing Our Voice

Recently I listened to a TED Radio Hour presentation on quiet. What it means to be still. Two of the people they interviewed quit speaking for a number of years voluntarily. After they began to speak again, they learned that they became much more effective listeners. Why? Because by not saying anything, their words could never get in the way of understanding what the other person was trying to...


Relationships, personal and organizational, are the currency of life. They are both comforting and confusing at times. They are fueled by conversation. In conversation sometimes we hide who we are, other times we share who we are. But we rarely ask how well did we listen? How well did we understand what was said? Did you ever stop to think that everyone’s experiences are so different…...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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