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The Change of Seasons

Fall brings cooler weather, more colors, and different routines to many of our lives. School starts, different youth activities begin, and the chance for many of us, in colder climates, to enjoy the outdoors begins to diminish. Beautiful summer plants begin to show their age. No different than we as humans. I have been fortunate to know well, many individuals who are older than I am. They have...

A Simple Start To Change

Bringing change in ourselves is just as hard as trying to find ways to organize our busy days. We talk of change, most times, with a romantic perspective. We say things like “I am going to lose 10lbs this year”, “I am going to learn more about x or y this month”, We make affirmations about the change we seek with certainty. Before we begin.. Some will say create deadlines...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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