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Opportunity’s Raw Materials

People commonly mistake suggestions and ideas as opportunities. Opportunities can’t be well defined until after they have been proven to actually be an opportunity that has benefited us in some way.  Using the example of sculpting, let me explain what I mean. Sculpting is something I know little about other than what I see. A blob of clay that a sculptor molds into something beautiful using...

Our Resume

Recently, someone had come to me with their problems in finding a new job. They are smart, have a few years working at the same company, and they were looking for their next assignment to be a challenging one. After four or five interviews, there still was no traction.  I asked to see their resume and found it to be lacking.  There was way too much detail and not enough of a unified story...

Feeling Entitled

There is hardly a more lonely and deceiving place to be when you feel entitled. When you expect things to go a certain way or people to decide a certain way simply because it’s you. Without realizing it, once you believe that you are entitled, all of your systems shut down. You tend to float through your days feeling that there are no consequences for whether you perform or not. All...

Who They Are

A trap that all of us fall into, many times, is what we do with our explanation of “who they are”. That moment in time where we define what we see in other people. It’s essentially our definition of them. In and of itself, there is no harm in this. Where we get ourselves in trouble is with the creation of a second column on this list that is titled “who we want them to...

Right choice?

Tests and quizzes are a big part of school. Pick the right answer. Get a good grade. There always was only one right answer.  Year after year it was always the same. We get out of school and what do we do? We continue to look for the right answer. Of course, it’s habit. I’ve done it a million times. What I couldn’t figure out for a long time after leaving school was why did my...

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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