Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring

Our tears


They are hard to hide. Most times they are uncontrollable although sometimes they drip slowly from our eyes.

When our tears are uncontrollable, they come from a selfish heart. Something has or is about to end that hurts us deeply. Our roots have become shaken when the flood of tears gushes forcefully from our heart.

When our tears drip from our eyes, our hearts confirm to others our compassion, our love, and our presence during their time of need. The drip affirms our acceptance of what has now been given to us and kneels with an understanding of our helplessness to change what we now face.

More powerful than words, together with a strong embrace, our drip of tears speaks clearly to the love, respect and compassion we have for those whose tears are uncontrollable.

The silence of our words sprinkled with the tears from our hearts.

These moments are few but can be so beautiful and engaging. Never run from them. Embrace them to secretly discover their beauty.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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