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Testing the Value of Ideas: Why Rushing to Applause Can Be a Mistake


We attach importance to our ideas without realizing that without any tests, we don’t know if they have any value. They always sound good. Worthy of applause from others.

Ideas need work and implementation before you can objectively determine their value. Life excels at objectivity. It demands tests and time to determine the value of any work we do, born of an idea. It never picks sides nor explains why it chose what it did as our lives unfold.

When we first think of an idea we rush to share it with others. We think this is a good first step to test our idea. Most times it’s not, for they quickly respond with affirmation because the idea sounds right, and besides they are our friends. Why would they say no? Their applause comes with little thought for they answer quickly.

We never keep a scorecard for all of the ideas we’ve offered to see how many times we have been wrong. Because of this, every time we offer a new idea, we always believe it will work or be right. I often hear at meetings where people strongly suggest that a or b be done as if their suggestion has value. When things don’t work out, the idea creator simply remains silent waiting for the next opportunity to share their thoughts.

Timing, context, degree of fit, incomplete information, skill, talent, or resources are just some of the ways that ideas lose their luster. Because of the many things that drag down ideas, accomplishing anything in life needs work and is never easy to achieve. Regardless of how positive your idea sounds at the beginning.

We are all guilty of falling in love with our thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. Why? Because ideas make us jump to the end as if they are real and complete before we even start on them.

Encouraging us to slow down, just a bit, to work on an idea before starting on it. Finding those who will help you critically think of the pros, cons, and obstacles. Honest debate, choice, and then affirmation will hopefully help you make fewer mistakes along your life’s journey.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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