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That Bothers You?


Over the past several months, I have seen many people get upset with the way others were behaving. Nothing criminal. Simply actions that either they did not understand or accept. People who didn’t seem to conform to their logic.

What is fascinating, is how much they were bothered by all of this. Spending a lot of time venting and sharing their frustration. Crippling them by blinding them to the reality that they will never be able to control another person’s behavior.

Stealing their objectivity and distracting them from the work they must continue to do. Weakening their efforts in the process all by themselves. Discouraging themselves to continue. Why is that?

We mistakenly think that what we think and believe is sound logic. That we are reasonable in what we share with others. So there should be no problem for others to accept and conform to what we say.

Never considering that another person’s experience, skills, and their ability to reason versus follow their emotions is different for each one of us. This makes it hard for them to “fall in to place” without spending much more time communicating thoughtfully with them.

What is much more powerful is to NOT let these things bother you. Each of us has the power to do this. Albeit, this too, is very difficult. When you are able to do this, there is a freedom that liberates you. Allowing you to focus on what adjustments you might make to move things forward. As well as saving your energy in frustration and redirecting it in a more productive way.

Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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