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The Anchor & The Well


We are told in today’s popular literature, over and over, how fast the world is moving. Where the need for us to continually change is the key to a successful future. Using our phones and the internet to show up in multiple places daily to affirm who we are. Today’s techniques are suddenly obsolete and where needing to be on the newest social platform is mandatory to our future success.

But life, at its core, doesn’t work quite this way. We don’t like drastic change. In organizations, abrupt change is disastrous to its constituents. Leaving them with an imbalance that cannot easily be righted. Personally, losing a job, or a house, or a loved one is very traumatic.

So there needs to be an anchor or anchors in our life that bring us safety and comfort. Our daily routine can be one. Going to Church can also provide this as well. Our spouse or significant other can help keep us grounded when we drift or become anxious. Good friends can provide a safety net that masks itself as an anchor.

Life requires more of us though. To be engaged, connected, helpful, and resourceful. Where the surface of our lives seems dull there has to be something that brings us passion, energy, and interest into the things we try to achieve each day.

This is the well in our lives. Again stationary and not very glamorous. But very much needed. Sometimes it’s a mentor, other times a teacher, or maybe a story from a book. It could be your spouse, a friend, or a situation. Our lives cannot matter without having a well to draw from.

When we are tired, frustrated or beaten.

There is a core in each of us that is both fragile and needy. Without the anchor and the well we are reduced to the possibility of drifting and becoming even more fragile and needy.

A deep anchor and well are the basic requirements for resilience. They lay the foundation for self-confidence and self-esteem. They become the heavy flower pot in which you can grow from in its fertile dirt.

So don’t be distracted by the demands of the world to adapt to change. While we must in order to stay relevant and young, we need to look for the anchor and well in our lives that will keep us both stable, resilient, and passionate about the next tomorrow we are about to wake up to.


Bits of Life Missed Worth Exploring


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